How Instagram BOTs work

If you’ve ended up on this article, you’ve probably heard of the famous BOTs! If you are trying to understand how  Instagram  BOT  works , you are in the right place! Here you will finally understand what these services are and how they work!

What are BOTs

The BOT (short for robot) in computer terms, is a program that accesses the network through the same type of channels used by human users (for example, that accesses Web pages, sends messages in a chat, moves in video games, and so on. Street). Programs of this type are related to the automation of tasks that would be too burdensome, complex or long for human users. Like a person, the program can carry out actions. The advantage of using a BOT lies precisely in the automation, which allows the user to perform other operations while the program works.

Instagram BOT

Once we understand roughly what we mean when we talk about BOT, let’s address the discussion in more detail, going to understand how these automations are used on a social network like Instagram, what advantages or disadvantages they give and how they operate in practice.

How Instagram BOTs work

We have said that BOTs are automations of human operations that are too complex or long. The Instagram BOTs replace the classic actions that the user does such as follow, unfollow, likes and comments. Let’s see how:

Follow / Unfollow

Follow is when you decide to follow a page with our Instagram account. In fact, we will notice two numbers on the main page of our profile: Follower and Following. The first is the much sought after and sought after number, which indicates how many profiles, or how many ” people ” follow our page by seeing our content on their wall. The second number indicates the profiles we decide to follow. Well, having clarified these two voices, often confused, we discover that our beloved BOTs do nothing but ” follow“, Then put the Follow, on pages related to what you are dealing with. Example: if your page publishes fashion content, the BOT will follow pages dealing with fashion. The aim is to follow pages and hope that if interested, they will follow you. After that, the software will remove the follow. This very simple procedure is obviously also feasible by hand. It is no secret that many users use the follow-unfollow system to increase their followers, the BOT makes this operation much more effective and efficient, ensuring you do not go 24/7 on Instagram.


Like and engagement

The BOT is not limited only to follow-unfollow to grow your profile, it also acts on likes. Let’s see how: the number of likes on our photos is another index of ” fame “. A photo with 500-1000 likes certainly looks better than one with 10 likes. Imagine spending 24 hours in front of Instagram and putting hundreds of likes on the contents of others waiting for them to reciprocate: it would be impossible. The bot will put the likes in your place while you worry about something else. An extensive exchange of likes also increases engagement, i.e. the interaction that users have with our profile. This is a visibility factor of the Instagram algorithm that will reward your profile by considering it ” interesting “.

Advantages and disadvantages of BOTs

We understood how BOTs simply replace human actions by simplifying and speeding everything up. The whole process is essentially based on the principle of reciprocity: I give you a like, you give it back to me . It is not a written rule, nor 100% certain, but it goes without saying that in the universe of social networks, everyone wants to increase their followers and everyone wants to increase the likes of their photos. The BOT will play on large numbers, so as to guarantee you an increase in performance. The disadvantages of using these systems are incorrect or excessive use. The latest Instagram directives severely suspend or ban profiles that act in a “ non-human ” way“, For this we need to set limits to the BOT, so that Instagram thinks that we are the ones who carry out those operations 24 hours a day. Also, don’t forget that BOTs require a payment and / or a subscription. The cost is variable and there are many offers on the net in this regard.

Is worth?

There is no answer to this question: if you want to increase the interaction with your profile and make it grow, but you have very little time to dedicate to it; rely on these services. If, on the other hand, you have the purpose of simply sharing your moments with your ” community “, this service is not recommended.

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