How Highway Design Software Works

The best software for road design includes a host of features that help dramatically reduce the time it takes to design roads. Even demanding design elements like dead ends and intersections are created automatically making the whole process super fast.

In addition, the best software for road design leads to accurate designs and contributes to a smooth process from conceptualization to construction.

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    • Autodesk InfraWorks 360 (editor’s choice)

How Highway Design Software Works

The road design software is equipped with a collection of features that automate every step of the design.

Data collection, contouring, terrain modeling, site design, and earthworks amounts are done automatically. Design of culverts and corridors, drainage layers, walls and railings, roundabouts, alignments… everything is done quickly.

Your role is just to feed in the details and let the computer take over. Most will also allow for customization to better capture the complexities involved in tax projects.

Importantly, the road designer has complete control over the relevant design data and has constant access to project information.

Types of road design software

The software varies in design framework; some are 2D and most offer interactive 3D.

Other differences can be seen in capabilities, customization, and even how the software is leveraged (cloud-based or via downloads).

Some of the software is open source (and free), while a good number are subject to commercial licenses.

With that said, engineers will find a solution to fit your needs, whether it’s working on a simple country road project or on a mega highway.

Here are our nominations for the best software for highway design.

Highway Design Software for Windows 10


Autodesk InfraWorks 360 (editor’s choice)

Infraworks 360 is feature-rich design software from the formidable roster of the legendary Autodesk development team and has road designers grinning from ear to ear.

And as usual, Autodesk never sleeps and continues to roll out new features to improve visualization and road design workflows.

From calculating material quantities within specific areas of interest (AOI) to modeling parametric tunnels to making precise profile edits and even improved terrain contour views, InfraWorks works wonders.

The program also offers rare qualities such as seamless design management, automatic design regeneration delay for efficient road centerline modification, and dynamic terrain manipulation.

Well, it has a steep learning curve, but with Autodesk publishing tons of interactive tutorials and videos, you should soon find your way no matter the sophistication of the project at hand.

If you are passionate about delivering more accurate road designs, stunning 3D visualization, and excellent collaboration, InfraWorks 360 could be the way to go.

Subscription starts at $ 200 per month.


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