How do I fix AOL Mail not opening PDF files?

Perhaps the most frustrating AOL mail problem is when you receive an attachment, but AOL PDFs won’t open. It’s worse because you’re not sure where the error is coming from – your PC, the sender’s computer, or even AOL itself.

Interestingly, AOL PDFs do not open, usually not due to an AOL service error but due to incorrect settings in the mail handling environment.

The most popular PDF reader is Adobe Acrobat Reader, so we will troubleshoot AOL mail attachment problems using Adobe Acrobat Reader as our PDF reader.

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  • How do I fix AOL Mail not opening PDF files?
    • Install a PDF reader
    • 1 Check PDF compatibility
    • Temporarily disable antivirus

How do I fix AOL Mail not opening PDF files?

1. Install a PDF reader

PDF readers handle PDF files, and installing a PDF reader configures your browser to be able to open PDF attachments in the browser directly or with the PDF reader. To troubleshoot AOL PDF attachment problems, install a compatible PDF reader on your PC.

1.1 Check PDF compatibility

If the PDF originates from an Apple computer, trying to view it from a Windows system may cause AOL connection problems. Please inform the sender that you are using a Windows PC if you plan to send them PDF files.

Regarding support, in addition to file and system compatibility, you may also experience AOL mail connection issues from your web browser and hardware configuration. If they do not meet the minimum specifications for handling AOL mail, problems will arise.

2. Temporarily disable antivirus

You just need a compatible PDF reader configured to handle AOL PDF attachments, and if that fails, just do a Quick Restore.

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