How does the new ‘Patreon’ creator portal work?

Patreon is a platform where content creators can receive donations from their fans . This generates income for all those who create memberships for their “patrons” and the latter receive a benefit of exclusive content, mentions or interference in the created content.

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  1. How does the new ‘Patreon’ creator portal work?
  2. How can Patreon be used to earn money?
  3. What are the advantages of being part of this community?
  4. What are the risks involved in registering on Patreon?
  5. Procedure to sign up for Patreon quickly
    1. From your mobile
    2. From PC
  6. Approximately how much do you earn on Patreon?
  7. Tips to succeed on Patreon

How does the new ‘Patreon’ creator portal work?

The latest updates to the creator platform have added some aspects that improve the quality of life for users. As soon as we enter the portal, we can see 3 relevant categories on our patreon:

  • General Information:Here are the monthly earnings of the patreon, the total number of patrons and a list of new patrons so that you can write a welcome message.
  • Recent Activity: These notifications will notify us of comments on our latest patreon posts and on the messages from our patrons in the inbox.
  • Next steps: Here you will find useful tips to grow your patreon community and suggestions on the content to publish, based on successful patreon pages.

In the screen for creators we will also have a list of tabs on the left. These include the post management page as well as page settings and style.

One of the most important tabs is the patron tab. In it we will be able to follow the benefits without delivery , find out who have contributed to the page and their length of time as a subscriber, write them a message and schedule the delivery of benefits.

The income tab will show us the growth of the patreon page since its creation. In addition to being able to evaluate peaks in subscriptions and what contributions have generated greater growth .

How can Patreon be used to earn money?

To generate money we need to create subscription plans by levels , granting different advantages that grow exclusively at a higher level. Each level has a higher subscription price than the previous one, but also better benefits.

In this way, if we promote our patreon platform on our networks and promote the benefits, our fans will be able to donate according to the benefits that interest them .

Patreon will obviously keep a part of the donation in a range of 5 to 12% depending on what characteristics of the platform we are using.

What are the advantages of being part of this community?

Although the payment platform keeps a part of our donations , it should be noted that this is much lower than the amount that platforms such as YouTube or Twitch remain for the same service (with a commission of up to 30%).

Additionally, patreon also makes it easy to integrate with other community management platforms like Discord. On the other hand, the platform is also in charge of managing the production aspects of our merchandising and its delivery to patrons.

What are the risks involved in registering on Patreon?

Creating a patreon account for both patrons and content creators is completely free , therefore, there is no risk in the first instance. After the initial phase there are some questions that we must keep in mind.

When it is proven that the payment made by a credit card is fraudulent, the platform and the owner of the card will lose a refund. This must leave your creator account and could even make your balance negative until the next payment.

Another risk to be assumed by the creator is that the piracy of its content can only be avoided if the patrons do not filter its exclusive content on networks or pages. In this case the content creator can make a copyright claim .

Procedure to sign up for Patreon quickly

Creating a patreon account is very simple, and can be done from any device, be it a mobile phone or a computer.

From your mobile

On the mobile we can enter the patreon page in the same way that we would in a computer browser or download its application in the apple playstore or appstore.

From there we will only have to provide our email, a username and a password. Alternatively, we can use a Google or Facebook account to link it to the new patreon account and streamline the process.

From PC

On our computer we simply have to enter our preferred browser and search for the patreon page in Google. In it we will see a button that says “start” or “get started” and we will proceed to the registration page.

Alternatively there is a button in the upper right corner that says “create on patreon”. On the registration page we will enter our data or link our Facebook or Google accounts .

Approximately how much do you earn on Patreon?

Everything will depend on the number of patrons you accumulate on the platform and the level they wish to acquire on average. An approximate calculation 10% of your fans want to donate and that the majority use the most basic level of 1 to 5 $.

However, this could vary depending on how much the platform is promoting and how attractive the advantages of higher levels are.

Tips to succeed on Patreon

Having a large number of patrons is not an easy task. For this reason, we recommend reviewing the starter kits to guide yourself in what attracts patrons the most according to the type of content. In addition, from this we recommend:

  • Promote your campaign before publishing it;
  • Holds live events for patreon regularly;
  • Promote your patreon page in the regular content of your project;
  • Offers extra and exclusive content at different levels;
  • Offers exclusive and limited-time products;
  • Guide yourself to the most successful patreon pages.


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