How does Google Smart Lock work on Android

The security of Android phones is always a concern for all users, as we always want our phones to be out of sight of curious and undesirable people who can access our information. There are some tricks to improve the security of our devices and avoid hacker attacks and viruses that can damage your phone or put your personal data at risk.

We must also take into account that when our phone is unlocked , other people can access our phone and everything in it , the favorite security method of many users is the lock patterns .

Starting with Android 5 Lollipop, thinking about the comfort of the users and in order not to compromise their security, a new option was added, the Smart Lock.


  • What is the Smart Lock?
  • How to activate or deactivate Smart Lock on your Android phone

What is the Smart Lock?

Many times entering our password or unlocking pattern can be tedious, especially if we are in a safe place where we are not in danger of someone we do not trust accessing the phone or if we have it in our pocket or we are. using.

Smart Lock is an option that allows you to configure the phone and add certain exceptions so that our phone does not lock and make our life a little easier. The options offered are the following:

  • Trusted places: the phone will remain unlocked as long as you are in a trusted place that the application has preconfigured, for example your home or another place that you want to configure yourself.
  • Trusted devices: the phone will remain unlocked as long as it is linked by Bluetooth to a device of your choice, it can be for example a smartwatch or the stereo in your car.
  • Human body detection or Transport detection: this option is more than interesting because once you unlock it, the phone will remain unlocked as long as you have it with you either in your hand or pocket and it will lock when you put it on the table or other surface. It is perfect because it will not distinguish if it is you or someone else and if someone grabs it while it is unlocked, they can use it without it locking again.
  • Voice Match: This option allows you to use the voice commands of your phone even if it is locked, for example you can use the Google voice assistant and all its options. This option can be useful when you are driving and need to operate your phone with voice commands.
  • There are versions that give the option of Voice Unlock and Trusted Face. The first one gives you the option of unlocking your phone using your voice, but if we are in a situation where we cannot speak or, on the contrary, you are in a place with a lot of noise, you will not be able to unlock it. The trusted face option gives you the option to unlock the phone with your face, however, it is not to be trusted as it is easy to violate using a photo for example.

We already know what Smart Lock is and what it offers us now, let’s see how we can activate it on our Android device .

How to activate or deactivate Smart Lock on your Android phone

The first thing you should do if we do not have it is to establish a screen lock method , be it Pattern, PIN or Password, the Swipe option will not work for you. To activate them you must open the phone’s Settings then go to the Security part and then Screen Lock.

After establishing a blocking method, you go back to the Security options and choose the option Trusted agents and there you activate Smart Lock (Google) , here you can also deactivate it if you do not want to use it.

With Smart Lock activated, you go back to Security but this time you select the Smart Lock option and there you choose the unlocking option that suits your needs and desires .

And that simple you can activate the Smart Lock and not have to unlock your phone every so often, we should not confuse this with the other Smart Lock option, which is to manage passwords .


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