How Does Google Jamboard Work?

The digital tools are very important for students, teachers and all those people who need to organize their daily lives, especially in these times where everything is digital even most is telecommuting, this is big news.

A very important element, in relation to digital skills, is the possibility that they allow us to share, collaborate, work online , there are even platforms to make Prezi- like online presentations, just create an account, before PowerPoint was used to create concept maps and even animated GIF presentations.

This leads us to look for new innovations, this is where the new Google Jamboard tool is presented , it is a space that allows us to contribute to users to collaborate with each other, that is, it is literally an electronic whiteboard like the ones used by teachers at the time of carrying out their classes.

In discover how to do it we will show you how it works, how many possibilities it has and how you can take advantage of them in the different devices such as if you use a PC or a Smartphone, all with the purpose of sharing and collaborating.


  • What is Google Jamboard and how does it work?
  • Tutorial for using Jamboard

What is Google Jamboard and how does it work?

Google Jamboard is an online digital whiteboard connected to the cloud mostly used in the area of ​​education and of course in companies in order to publicize a topic in an online and very dynamic way, this digital tool is perfect when it comes to being creative.

Let’s find out how it works. Jamboard can be accessed in the browser or through the app . When you accept the Jamboard you will find others that have been created and the option to create a new one by pressing the plus sign (+).

On the left side of the screen there is a toolbar that through it you can access the pen, the marker and a brush and you can choose the color with which you want to mark the board.

You will also find a draft with which you can erase an element that you have written or you can erase the entire screen. Discover how to share all your ideas in a collaborative way. You can share images, notes, and files that you have in your Google Drive, whether they are presentations, documents, web pages, ‘Google Maps’ and some other information to enrich your projects.

You can add sticky notes of different colors and the movement tool will allow you to move any component within the screen. We can change the color or directly save them.

We can write other notes, cancel, move or place them anywhere on the screen and with the option that appears when we click on the menu we can duplicate or delete it.

Tutorial for using Jamboard

Images can be inserted from Google Drive through Google Image Search or from your photos. Choose any photo to upload it and just dragging to the interface is enough to upload it, we can change the size, and the location, and of course duplicate or delete it.

To erase the entire screen we have the option to erase the frame . If we want to recover what we have deleted we have the option to undo.

How many frames or boards can I use?

Additional frames can be added so if the first frame is full, and you want your students, employees or project participants to contribute in some different way, you can have different frames and they can contribute to those different frames.

How it is performed?

Through the button of the additional box, at the top of the screen, in this option we can create a new frame. So we would already have 2 frames created and we would be writing again.

It also allows us to navigate from right to left or from one position to the other. And to delete a frame is as simple as giving the option to delete. We can change the background of the different frames . We can choose between a grid, lines, blue screen or a blackboard.

We can use the sharing option, as with all Google documents. To other people and specifically to other users of our project, or class, and they will be able to add more content and enrich the Google Jamboard Whiteboard. Successes !.


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