How does Binamon work?

Recently, NFTs games have become a sensation among video game fans who want to generate income by playing and collecting things. Games like Axie Infinity , Plants vs Undead have become very popular thanks to what it takes only a few days of play, therefore, if you are a fan of these two games, Binamon is ideal for you.

Binamon (BNMON), like any other video game, allows users to interact with each other, own characters, and share or fight other users who participate in the game. In addition, this platform manages to create a new community and, likewise, combine Blockchain technology and NFTs games, where fans can exchange things, play games and collect coins.

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  1. What is the main objective of Binamon (BMON)?
  2. How does Binamon work?
  3. What is needed to enter Binamon (BMON)?
    1. Account in MetaMask
    2. BNB Coins
    3. Acquire your monsters
  4. What is the best way to play Binamon to win?
  5. Is this game really worth getting into?

What is the main objective of Binamon (BMON)?

Binamon’s main objective is to provide the user with new gaming experiences that, in addition to offering hours of entertainment and fun, will be able to obtain new income through the tokens it offers.

On the other hand, the objective of the game is based on collecting the maximum amount of tokens per day and defeating your enemies within the game to obtain the most points possible. Every day the game reduces your score or points to 0, and you will receive BMON-Z1 in rewards, which is the token with which you can buy the packs and withdraw your rewards every 15 days.

How does Binamon work?

Binamon’s platform operates thanks to the Binance Smart Chain , which is a structure that allows users to create decentralized applications, as well as digital assets. This structure’s main assets are the NFTs and BMON tokens, the latter being Binamon’s main currency, a game in which it is known as the “divine particle that creates all forms of life.”

BMON, the “divine particle” of the game, is mainly used as a share of the NFTs , in addition, it is the governing currency of the community, with which you can pay the entrance and reception fees for rewards.

In Binamon a mechanism is used that helps your assets not lose value, mainly by burning the BMON tokens that have created monsters, thus limiting the amount of monsters that can be found in the market.

What is needed to enter Binamon (BMON)?

The requirements to enter Binamon are very easy to complete, if you already have some savings to buy your monsters, it will be easy for you to complete the rest of the things you need.

Account in MetaMask

One of the main requirements to start playing and generate income is to have a MetaMask account, this because, from this platform, you can exchange your BNB for BMON tokens . As if that were not enough, in addition to owning your game tokens, from there you can carry out your transactions throughout the period in which you dedicate yourself to the game, since it will be directly connected to your Binamon account.

BNB Coins

The BNB coins are with which you can obtain your BMON tokens to start the journey that is to play Binamon and generate income from there. To do this, you just have to have a Binance account , from this platform you can obtain your BNB and transfer them to MetaMask to exchange BNB for BMON.

Acquire your monsters

When you finally get your BMON coins you will be able to acquire your monsters to start playing, with which you will be able to start your journey in Binamon, playing and fighting. Now with your monsters, you must start with the adventures and battles against other users, all with very different and strong abilities, collecting coins and raising your score.

What is the best way to play Binamon to win?

Mainly, we must define how it is played so that you can find the best ways to win in Binamon , all because each player can propose different strategies throughout the levels.

To start the game, it will give you 1 hour to defeat as many enemies as possible , each time overcoming different levels and completing missions, in which you will find increasingly stronger enemies. However, the more levels you complete and the more monsters you defeat, you will get more and more points, for which, at the end of the day, you will be able to see the rewards you have earned for your achievements.

Binamon is a game similar to the rest of the NFTs that have become popular today, it is based on distributing among users a number of daily tokens per pool with which, the more points you earn, the more tokens you will get. Likewise, the tokens obtained will be those that you can exchange on exchange pages for any other currency you want, these being your income from the game.

That said, one of the best ways to earn more in Binamon is to start with a good team of monsters, with which you can make incredible combinations and take out your enemies without taking a lot of damage. To do this, it is best to obtain a complete Binamon team, which are complemented in armor, life, class or attack.

However, not all the responsibility falls on your team, you must also learn what strategies work best against your enemies and, in addition, know how to perform combos to defeat them. You must maintain concentration and attack them with the elements they have above, also try to avoid errors so that you get more points.

Finally, you must take into account that the objective of the game is to try to climb as many levels as possible, since the higher you are, the more points you will get from the victories . However, the difficulties of each level are increasing more and more, and with them the damage that the villains and the life they possess can cause you.

Is this game really worth getting into?

Currently, Binamon ranks among one of the top NFTs games and many connoisseurs and influencer have given it an approval of up to 8.5 out of 10 points. This new game that is based mainly on Blockchain, is listed among the first of its kind to reach such a high level of sales, only behind Axie Infinity , the latter being the first to reach more than $ 1 billion in sales.

So far Binamon has a market capitalization at such a level that experts and indicators are the beginning of this new platform with very good results and that good things are expected for it soon.

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