How do the cores of a processor work?

In the world of computing, knowing in depth the parts of a PC is important to be able to choose the best specifications according to what we want to do. This is where the concept of core and processor enter the screen, due to having prior knowledge to be able to decide what we are going to acquire.

In this article we will explain in detail what the cores of a processor are and what they are for . Likewise, we will give you an idea of ​​how they work in addition to ending with final tips to consider when choosing a PC model.


  • What are the cores of a processor?
  • What are the cores of a processor for?
  • How do the cores of a processor work?
  • How many cores can a processor have? Which is the best option?

What are the cores of a processor?

In general, the cores of a processor are subordinates that can perform actions separately , increasing the performance of the PC. Something that we must understand is that the CPU or processor is in charge of giving instructions to the cores so that they carry out the processes that are needed. Today, computers have 4 or more cores thanks to the advances that have been developed.

Similarly, in an explanatory way, imagine that we have a processor with a single core, that is, a single core. In order to carry out two different processes, the processor must tell the kernel to first do one and then do another , sequentially.

It considers that the CPU is the brain and that the nucleus is the only neuron that helps it carry out all the processes. In this case there is no such thing as parallelism.

What are the cores of a processor for?

Now let’s think about a processor that has two or more cores. When performing several processes, for example opening Google Chrome and Autocad at the same time, the processor assigns each core a specific task to perform it efficiently.

At this time we would have parallelism because the processor does not wait for a core to finish a process and then carry out the other. Rather, both processes are carried out at the same time due to the number of cores working.

A good way to get an idea of ​​the performance of your PC is by knowing what processor it has and how many cores it is . That way you will know the capacity that your computer offers you so that in case you want to improve it or buy a model with a better processor and more cores.

How do the cores of a processor work?

As we mentioned earlier, the main operation of the cores of a processor is to bring the parallelism of processes . This increases performance as long as certain aspects such as the quality of the cores separately as well as the quantity of them are taken into consideration.

In Windows it is possible to know the number of cores that your processor has so that in this way you can choose better when buying another PC or to acquire a better processor. Many believe that the more cores the processor has, the better it will be. But, this is not completely true .

It is very important speed having cores separately at the time of a process. It is not the same to have a very fast single core processor than to have a Quadcore processor where each core is slow.

How many cores can a processor have? Which is the best option?

Today processors are manufactured that have up to 8 cores working together to perform processes efficiently. However, it is not surprising that in the near future we will see models with more than 10 cores and getting smaller and smaller.

On the other hand, the basic number of cores today is 4 because it allows normal processes to be carried out without anything very demanding. However, if we want a PC for gaming, a minimum of 6 cores is ideal because each time the games are developed to make the most of each one.

To get an idea of ​​what your processor can offer you is to know its age or release date . At the same time, having a good power supply that supplies the necessary energy for the cores is vital for their proper functioning and for them to have an optimal speed .


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