How can I retrieve a photo that was archived on Instagram

If Instagram has made something clear to us, it is that there are no options that get out of hand, and that it is definitely here to stay. Likewise, with each update it is possible to improve not only the design and interface, but also the actions to manage the account as the user needs it. This precisely has been very useful to maintain the digital identity and to be able to carry the feed in an attractive way.

How to Unarchive or Recover Archived Photos or Images on Instagram Easily

One of our favorite options is the possibility that the platform has implemented to hide images… A really useful alternative! Therefore, if you have not realized how important it is, or you had not been aware that it existed; We want to tell you so you don’t lose track of the tools that can make your time on Instagram easier.

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  1. What does the “archive photos” option mean on Instagram and what is it used for?
  2. How can I retrieve a photo that was archived on Instagram so that it reappears on my profile?

What does the “archive photos” option mean on Instagram and what is it used for?

In view of the data of the App, we are well aware that there may be photos that are already outdated, that do not currently represent you, or that simply are no longer candidates to be made public. In this way, you have the alternative to eliminate them; but it can also happen that they have a context or memory that they do not want to lose completely . Seeing all this, the option of archiving a photograph is born.

The purpose of this option is to hide a photo or album that the user no longer wants to show; without being completely deleted from the database. Then, this content will remain visible only to the administrator of the account, either to keep them or download them to the PC easily . In this way, it disappears for the followers, but remains in a section where it can be accessed without time limits.

Likewise, another of the virtues is that the entire post is saved, which includes the image; the likes it got; and even the comments gathered in it. The above for what purpose? Well, Instagram even preserves the interaction of your publication in case you ever wanted to publish it again ; either because it is a product from your Instagram Shopping that is currently available in stock, or because you want to recover the memory.

This is how, and if you want to unarchive it, it would be shown again on the profile as if nothing had happened: Although you have the possibility to restore content that has been recently deleted on Instagram, they will only be available to recover in a short time. On the other hand, if it is archived, a suspension occurs that can be permanent or sporadic if you so decide… And re-publish photos that have been archived for years!

How can I retrieve a photo that was archived on Instagram so that it reappears on my profile?

The “Archive” option is found individually in each post: Locate the photo you want to hide, press the three points that are shown in the upper right corner above the photo and in the options menu you will see the option just above ” Remove”.


To locate that photo and all the ones you have archived, go back to your profile and click on the three lines that appear next to the icon to upload a new post. Access the “Archived” section , and you will see how all the photos that you have hidden from your profile are immediately displayed. Here you will only need to choose the publications that you want to publish again, clicking on it until it is shown in a unique way on the screen.

Click on the three dots again, and choose “Show on profile”; in this way it will be located again in the place that corresponds to it according to the date that was published; completing the photos as uploaded in the first instance. No changes are made, so it can be very useful in the case of companies that want to show a product again; or influencers who need to remember some kind of story.

From the computer it also allows you to delete the publication completely if what you want is to discard it completely. In this way and if you need to take a break with a publication ; the most advisable thing is to archive it and then decide if you want to eliminate it completely or give it a second chance.


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