How To Change Lock Screen on Chromebook

How To Change Lock Screen on Chromebook.Chromebook laptops have undoubtedly become preferred for their advanced design and support . In such a short time they have had the desired acceptance by a considerable number of users. Additionally, Chromebook gives you the opportunity to manage your computer well by setting a lock password or automatically locking it thereby customizing the security of your Chromebook.

In this article we explain in detail the steps to lock the screen of your Chromebook and the tricks to get the most out of this computer. That is why we recommend that you follow the reading to the end and improve your experience with Chromebook.

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  1. What will happen when we activate the automatic lock of the screen of our Chromebook?
  2. What is the procedure to lock the screen of a Chromebook?
  3. Little-known tricks you can do on a Chromebook to improve your experience
    1. Key combinations
    2. Parental control
    3. Content customization available

Steps To Lock The Screen of A Chromebook;How To Change Lock Screen on Chromebook.

Many users prefer to purchase a Chromebook because of the advanced design. But also because of the settings. After a period of time without inactivity on the Chromebook, it automatically locks itself, that is, it goes into sleep mode. But the security of the data saved on the computer does not guarantee the security at all. Hence, many prefer to opt for the configuration options to insert a password to the screen lock . This procedure is very easy.

You enter the Chromebook Menu and click on the Lock icon. In Settings you choose the option Require password to wake up from sleep mode, enable the box and that’s it. Every time the screen is locked, it will automatically ask you for the password if you want to enter the Chromebook again. In this way, your user data will be protected. Or if you prefer, you can also remove the password to your Chromebook so that it can log in freely .

Tricks You Can Chromebook To Improve Your Experience.

It is very important that you know how your Chromebook works and all the features it has to further enhance your experience when using your Chromebook equipment. We will show you some of the options that you can use with your Chromebook, such as combining keys, applying parental controls and customizing the content.

Key combinations.

Key combinations allow you to access and perform tasks quickly. Some most used combinations are: Turn Caps Lock on or off: press Search + Alt.  You can also press Selector + Alt. To see other combinations: press Ctrl + Alt + / (forward slash). To open a window: CtrI + N, open a file in the browser: CtrI + O. On the official page of the Chromebook help center they give you more key combination options, you just have to go to Settings, then click on Device and on keyboard and on View key combinations.

Parental control.

Your Chromebook laptop not only allows you to configure the screen lock, but also to configure the parental control options in such a way that the least of the house can use the Chromebook safely. By setting up your child’s account on the Chromebook using Family Link they will not be able to access certain sites on the web because they will be blocked for their age. They will also not be able to browse incognito. You can achieve all this by activating parental control and protecting the safety of children.

Content customization available.

With your Chromebook, you can also customize the available content, for this you can access the catalog of varied themes that it has and use them to change the appearance of your Chromebook making the desktop view more attractive while you work. To do this you go to Settings, Appearance and Get Themes.

You can also choose a wallpaper and customize it with the scents of your preference, following the following route: Appearance and Wallpaper. Other options to customize your content is by hiding the icons in the bookmarks bar if you wish. In this way, you have many options to change the image of your wallpaper on Chromebook and improve the appearance and your experience when using your Chromebook.

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