How can I get Dicom Platinum 360

Initially the Dicom Platinum is a complete commercial report , in itself it is the most complete of all, for this reason it has a payment method to obtain it. So this report is used more than anything by financial institutions , since they need to be aware of the economic situation of their clients.

How Can I Get Dicom Platinum 360º Very easy!

He advises Platinum provides a payment behavior indicator for quick evaluation. It has detailed information on future business relationships. So the objective of this commercial information is to carry out a quick evaluation, in order to minimize the risk of the commercial relationship with financial entities.

The Platinum report information contains the behavioral detail with the market data due to a more complete database. This report is also responsible for providing the risk indicator of the credit history.

Methods to obtain the Dicom Platinum 360º

This report is used for the study of natural persons in terms of credit relationship , since it includes highly detailed information.

It is important to note that the Dicom Platinum is requested when people want to carry out rental procedures and therefore it is necessary to know and analyze their financial situation and you can request a report. In this way, future problems due to the economy can be avoided.

In order to obtain the Dicom Platinum you must pay an amount , since you cannot have it for free. There are also different methods of obtaining it, which are: through the official Equifax website and at the Equifax offices, below we will mention the steps to follow in each method.

In order to obtain it through the official website, you should know that it has a cost of $ 14,990. In turn, you must follow a series of steps, initially when entering the web you must look for the option “I am a natural person.”

Subsequently, you must find where it says “product selection” and at the bottom look for “platinum 360 commercial report” and click on “buy”.

You can also do it through the « Stand out me» website. Furthermore, at the time of carrying out this procedure you need to have your identity card, email and credit card at hand. In this way you can get the business newsletter.

Likewise, another option to obtain the Dicom Platinum is by going in person to an Equifax office located nationwide. Points of Attention | About Equifax. So through this link you can check the hours in which the offices work, where they are located and the corresponding telephone numbers.

Information about the Dicom Platinum 360º certificate

On the other hand, it should be noted that this report contains extra information, in which it is displayed if you have debts that are in arrears, it provides a detail about the debts that have not been canceled. You can also observe the risk that a person represents in the section on personal and financial accreditations.

In turn, the risk that this person represents is detailed with a score, personal data also appear to be able to contact and confirm the data. In addition, the report contains unfulfilled payment orders with check detail .

And the tax information appears where it specifies the assets that the person has, along with their bank checking accounts. It also appears if you have real estate and employment history.

It is important to recognize that there is a big difference between Dicom Platinum and the 20,575 free report. Since the free report allows you to make inquiries every four months, you can also make these inquiries through the website or by going in person to an Equifax office.

This report only contains personal data and RUT inquiries . While with the Dicom Platinum 360º you can find all this information and much more. It is a really comprehensive report, as it includes debts, bank accounts, real estate and more personal data.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear from you. Have you been able to obtain Dicom Platinum 360º by following the steps explained above? Do you know of another method to obtain Dicom Platinum 360º ? Leave us your answers in the comme



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