How to enter the PlayStation Network from another PS4?

PlayStation Network is a digital platform designed so that all users of the various consoles of the PlayStation series, such as PS3, PS4 and PS Vita, can interact with each other. But, do you know how to enter the PlayStation Store or Network with a PS4 other than yours? In this article you will find out.

The PlayStation Store system allows users to connect through the internet through any of these gaming stations; allowing, in addition, the possibility of downloading games, movies and also downloading applications for PS4 , as well as chatting with other players. Obviously, this connection is only possible if the user is registered on the platform beforehand and logs in each time they want to join the gaming network.

To log in to the PlayStation Network system , the user is required to define their ID, in this case, a valid email and password, which they must enter each time they want to connect, unless they decide to save the data on the console to start session automatically.

How to enter the PlayStation Network from another PS4?

As mentioned, in order to enjoy the advantages of the PlayStation Network, or PSN as it is commonly known, a session must be started each time you want to enter. But for this, you first have to verify your PSN account , a very simple process.

This is very easy if we are entering from our personal or usual console, in which our user data may even be saved, for a faster start. The problem can occur when we want to access our PSN account from another PS4 console in which our startup data is not registered.

Especially the inconvenience can come when the owner of the PS4 in which we want to log in has saved his own data to start his session automatically.

In these cases, the first thing to do is close the session of the regular user , in order to start a new session with your own data. To close the current session, you must follow the following procedure:

  • Step 1: Go to the [Settings] section> [Account manager]> [Log out] .
  • Step 2: Press and hold the PS button to go to the quick menu and then select [Power]> [Exit PS4] .

It is important to note that if step 1 is not executed correctly, restarting the console will automatically reconnect with the data of the regular user.

Once this procedure has been properly executed, after restarting the video game, we must start a new session with our PSN ID and password, as follows:

  • Step 1: Go to the [Settings] section> [Account manager]> [Login].
  • Step 2: Enter our ID (email) for the start of the session, as well as the password and select [Confirm] .

That’s how easy it is to enter the Play Station Store or Network with another PS4 with the data of our own account and enjoy all the benefits of the platform.

How to enter PSN with another PS4 with 2-step verification?

In order not to be victims of identity theft on our PSN account, the two-step verification system has been devised. This procedure involves one more step, apart from those previously indicated, to log in from another PS4 console. Perhaps this is related to the reason why you cannot log into the PlayStation Network .

This system requires the user to enter, in addition to their ID (email) and password, a security code after requesting it. It is sent via text message to the account holder through a Smartphone, and which must be entered in the corresponding box to gain access.

By following these simple tips, you will be able to access your PSN account from any other PS4 device to enjoy the benefits of being a member of the global platform provided by the PlayStation Network for all users of the different consoles belonging to the PlayStation range with access to Internet.



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