How Books Shaped the American Culture Identity

When last did you read literature on American history? Not some compulsory text by your college professor. A book that interests you on the ethical values of a patriotic citizen. We’re sure students don’t find such texts intriguing anymore.

Scholars should learn to pick up essay topics and books that give insights into the American way of life. Making research on your cultural identity essay example would help you understand people’s ethical values. Your cultural identity helps you to prioritize your values. A typical example is putting your values above other people’s assumptions

It also helps you understand your past. It gives you an insight into the lifestyle of men and women who walked the path before you; the challenges they faced and how they came out stronger.

Let’s discuss how literature shapes the American cultural heritage. 

What is Cultural Identity?

A person’s cultural identity reflects their values, beliefs, and behaviors. Your cultural identity evolves as you learn, absorb, and interpret information of interest. It’s a piece of your identity. Your interpretation of life is based on various ever-evolving factors. Not everyone is actively aware of their cultural identities. Many pass through life without identifying their way of life. Should this be something of concern?

People often recreate several versions. The topics revolving around culture shift can be complex to grasp. Ideally, culture forms when there is an agreement toward certain objectives. A group of college students can create a campus culture of their own. Perhaps decide to always party for the first week after the resumption. It becomes every individual’s college cultural identity as time goes by. 

Why do Students who Study Cultural Identity need to Pay Attention to Books?

Different races, local communities, sexuality, and family origin come from American identity history. The American life we know today evolves from several versions of itself. The constant variable in this ever-evolving change is the people’s way of life. Certain groups always know who they are and what they want. These values stuck with them even as they navigate through life’s hardships.

Students who are studying cultural identity review meanings and several definitions. They need cultural identity books to understand the American way of life. Aspects like judgmentalism and ethnocentrism can only get clearer through books. There are origins to every cultural belief or practice. These origins can only become known through deep study. You also need to grasp the concept of intercultural awareness. Only then can we eliminate intercultural misunderstandings.

Every cultural identity student needs to write a research paper on intercultural awareness. This helps to broaden your understanding of subcultures and micro-communities. We can dare to challenge macro-culture today because of better information. The world can accept subcultures as part of one “umbrella” culture. Practicing free essays on personal sociograms is also important. It would help you understand people’s innate cravings to belong to groups.

Scholars study cultural identity in literature to understand the behaviors that make us feel safe. Why would people engage in conflicts due to disagreeing on different viewpoints? Studying literature on American identity themes would explain cultural diversities more. It may also help you to make sense of the ethnic identity crisis today.

How Does Literature Influence Cultural Identity in America?

Reading various narratives of the American way of life helps us understand others. Literature is thought-provoking, especially when it involves culture. It fuels the innate urge to question ethnic ideologies and beliefs. Literature influences the acceptance and management of human conflict. Literary devices help us to understand the mind of others. We can recreate the pictorial experience of authors with their characters.

Anyone can pick up a literature piece about any American culture today. We can access a plethora of ideas surrounding many beliefs. Books can reveal the tragedy and hardships of many American ethnicities. Youths of America today understand the depth of human emotion. This may be new to millennials and other generations. But the right literature could help enlighten us on “identity beyond the exterior.”

Literature creates the basis for discussions around the most prominent beliefs of the average American. Now we can question what everyone aimlessly accepts following facts. Americans can use literature pieces to re-evaluate certain trans-generational beliefs. Perhaps we need to study more on the history of America. Maybe there were a few things our predecessors overlooked. We must accept that tradition is not static but ever-evolving. 


Those mentioned above are several examples of how literature influences ethnic identity. Our ethnical identities are the true reflection of who we are. They help us make sense of the sociocultural practices around us. It’d be difficult to navigate the world without having values. Anyone could easily rob off their beliefs on you.

Even when you feel uncomfortable, you lack the facts to back up your gut feeling. Many books are instrumental in shaping American history. They help educate Americans on the true stories behind several cultural practices. Races, religions, and socio-economical groups now know the roles they play. It helps everyone gets the foresight of the “One America” narrative

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