How a webcam works

Nowadays it is no secret that technology is developing more and more, to a point where we can not only be observed and observe other people through our computer or PC, but also talk and listen to them.

This happens thanks to the webcam, which is built into most laptops and some desktop computers. However, those who do not have this previously integrated device can easily purchase a webcam and adapt it to any computer model .

This device has become almost essential for most people who use a computer, be it for work or any other purpose. Almost more essential than having a digital camera, since with a webcam you can broadcast live over the internet.

Web cameras have become quite a popular means of communication, since it can be used on most social media platforms , such as Facebook, to make a call on Skype , the Hangouts application , among others.

What is a webcam?

When we hear the words “camera” and “web” together, we can easily deduce that it is a device or a device capable of taking photographs, recording videos digitally and that it is connected to an information network .

However, if we delve deeper into the subject of the webcam, we will find terms and functions that most of us are totally unaware of. The webcam is responsible for making images focused on your lens visual on a screen and transmitting them through the internet .

These transmissions can be made privately, that is, between two or more people with a specific purpose, or simply between people who are part of a circle of trust between them. You can also broadcast publicly, these are currently known as ” live ” or ” live .”

Transmissions can be made for various purposes. Nowadays due to the pandemic situation that is occurring around the world, the use of web cameras has increased notably, this due to the cancellation of face-to-face classes, or any meeting that requires the presence of two or more people. .

Web cameras are not only used for live broadcasts, they can also take photos, record videos and store them as data on the computer where it is connected. We must know that for a webcam to work, it needs to be connected to a computer.

How does a webcam work?

The webcam works as an external device connected to a computer , this connection can be made through a USB cable or by bluetooth connection to the computer where you want to install.

A webcam can be defined as a digital camera which has the ability to connect to the internet through binary languages ​​that make up a program and carry out live broadcasts through this connection. That is, it has software that digital cameras do not have.

This software works by capturing a static image from time to time to later be sent through the internet connection, to another point where it will be displayed. The software is the one that transforms the frames captured from time to time through the lens of the webcam, into images, usually in the JPG format so that they can then be sent to an information network or web server.

If the files taken by the webcam are not wanted to upload to the internet, it will store the collected data, such as images or videos, on the hard drive of the computer through the connection it has with it, either USB or bluetooth connection. As it would be with a digital camera.

Specific functions of a webcam

  •  Capture still images , exercising only the function of a digital camera, storing them on the computer’s hard drive
  • Record videos , like images, videos are stored on the computer’s hard drive
  • Perform live broadcasts , these can be viewed on one or more social media platforms or for a specific purpose such as attending video conferences, online classes, or simply connecting with one or more people at the same time
  • Maintain surveillance in one place , currently it is very common to find surveillance web cameras anywhere, these are responsible for transmitting live the images that your lens focuses
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