House of residence of the Old Central Soledad

Housing house of the Old Central Soledad . Local Monument of the province of Cienfuegos .


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Built in 1847 by the wealthy Trinidadian landowner Juan Domingo Bautista Sarría, in the former power plant of his property, ” Soledad del Muerto “, today Pepito Tey . This house has a great influence of the colonial constructions of that town; although it is framed in the neoclassical style. It was acquired in 1882 by the American Edwin F. Atkins , through mortgage transactions, which resulted in the penetration of the financial capital of that country in the Cuban sugar industry.


The property, located to the east of the batey and in front of the sugar factory , is surrounded by a large garden delimited by a natural stone wall with iron gates; It is rectangular in shape and has two levels. The ground floor is structured around a central patio, without galleries, the roof is made of wood and Creole hipped tile with a steep slope. The thick masonry walls support the mezzanines and hardwood decks; plank floor in the original rooms on the upper floor, in the rest it is mosaic; the carpentry used is Cuban wood.

The facade of the mansion is flat on both levels with a cantilevered balcony, with a metal railing, over the main door. It achieves a rich symmetry through its proportions, rectilinear moldings, distribution of doors and windows, and the color study applied in sienna and white. Being influenced by Trinitarian constructions, this work can be considered as a realization of the transition period, with the new constructions that began in Fernandina de Jagua . It is a valuable exponent of the oldest and best preserved colonial buildings.


Resolution #75 of January 30, 1990 conferred the category of Local Monument.


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