Hotel and Restaurant Training

How important is training for your employees and giving a better service

The hotel and restaurant sectors recognize that they have suffered from a strong problem in personnel training in recent years.

With the passage of time it is very difficult to get trained people in the hotel and restaurant industry, although this may not seem real in the tourist environment it is a crisis that worries us slowly.

All hotel and restaurant companies ask themselves several questions when training their internal staff:

  • Where do I find prepared people who can achieve excellence in service?
  • Where can I train my staff in customer service, techniques, processes and procedures?
  • How long does a training last?
  • How often do I have to train my staff?
  • What methods should I use to train my staff?
  • How much would I have to spend for the training of my staff?

When you travel, whether for vacation or business, as guests and diners, how many times have we had to:

  • The receptionist is on the phone and doesn’t even notice us.
  • The bellboy does not explain the hotel facilities in case an incident happens.
  • We called reception to request any service and leave us on hold or hang up.
  • We request an extra towel from the maid and she ignores us.
  • The captain is slow to assign us a table.
  • The waiter gives us a dish that we did not order.
  • When requesting the account, the waiter gives us an account that is not the one that corresponds to our consumption.

As managers or area managers of hotels and restaurants in each consumer center, we have had to interview several people to fill various positions, and we found many surprises that the graduates of the hotel management career have not completed the internships. necessary and cannot be performed in operational positions such as public area personnel, waiters, waiters, receptionists, captains, chamber maids, housekeepers, among others; and they just want to work in administrative positions.

And for this reason they lead us to conduct interviews, hire, train, pay a salary to people who want to fill these operational positions, without having adequate training and of course having no experience in the field.

When it comes time to evaluate their performance and we realize that they are not the right people for the position, we have to let them go and this causes a loss of time and money for the company, and in some cases we even let them stay in the position since we don’t get “someone better” .


To have an effective customer satisfaction, the work staff must provide a good service, which can only be achieved with adequate training, continuous learning and with practical processes, procedures and techniques, which they have to put into practice.

By having all this knowledge, the staff will have self-confidence, and will be able to provide information, resolve complaints, know if they are on the phone or attend to the staff in front of them, pay attention and give the dish to the correct diner, know the necessary information and take a reservation, check in, guide the guest to their room. Properly distribute the dishes, in addition to contributing to the growth of the company by contributing ideas, resulting in higher income for the organization .

In hotels and restaurants, comprehensive training is recommended ; This means that we must train all the personnel in the different areas in order to be able to touch them and fill the positions as needed.

Training is an investment, NOT an expense. By investing in our staff, we are ensuring the return of guests and diners to our establishment. Furthermore, the level of customer satisfaction directly impacts our online reputation. Several studies show that on average at least 1 in 8 customers share a comment on social networks and that the level of satisfaction has a direct and immediate impact on the income of the hotel and / or restaurant.

There are very good short-term trainings for an accessible level of investment, particularly for the operation department: receptionists, bellboys, public area staff, waiters, night auditors, captains. All this preparation should be constantly strengthened, it is ideal that this reinforcement be carried out every three months and that the hotel and / or restaurant constantly measures the level of satisfaction of its customers and adjusts its training plan based on the results. That means measuring and replying to online comments within 24 hours and having the administrator share these comments every day with her operating team.   

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