factors of communication

Sender, receiver, message, code, channel and context are elements that characterize communication.Did you know that some factors of communication.

Yes, these subsidies are used even without our realizing it. Want to know how?

You see: when you raise your eyebrow, fold your arms, shake your hands, write a letter, speak, gesture, you are interacting with the world and the others around you, that is communicating.

Therefore, the communicative act is sometimes very subtle! But it always includes some basic subsidies:

• Sender: it is the sender, that is, the one who sends a message and can be a person, an organ, a company, a television channel, a website, and so on.

• Receiver:is the recipient of the message, to whom the message was sent. It can be a person or a target audience.

• Message: what is transmitted, the content.

• Code: means by which the message is transmitted: speech, writing, gestures, images.

• Channel: means by which the message can circulate: newspaper, magazine, TV, radio, leaflet, folder and the air itself.

• Context: also referred to as referent, it is the situation in which the sender and receiver are inserted.

Through these points presented above, language will acquire several functions: that of thrilling, informing, persuading, reflecting, among others.

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