Homemade condensed milk

Homemade Condensed Milk . Being made up of little water due to its elaboration process, in condensed milk the nutrients are concentrated, which greatly increases their proportion. It contains various vitamins (A, D, folic acid) and minerals (calcium, phosphorous, zinc and magnesium).

A light or light condensed milk project is currently under study. It is skimmed milk subjected to the same process as ordinary condensed milk, with the addition of sweeteners (sucralose, stevia rebaudiana) instead of sugar. In this way a product with reduced calories, especially for dietary regimes (cases of obesity, diabetes, etc.) would be achieved.

Many desserts contain condensed milk and it is also a key ingredient in certain coffee presentations such as Café Sua Da (a type of Vietnamese coffee) or Café Bombón (coffee with condensed milk). In other countries, condensed milk is used in countless gastronomic pastry recipes that are extremely easy to prepare, as well as delicious. Desserts , cakes , pastry , bakery .


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  • 1 can of milk powder
  • 1 can of white sugar
  • ½ can of water
  • optionally vanilla to taste


  • Combine all the ingredients in the blenderand place the mixture in a water bath, until it reduces and thickens more.
  • We realize that it is ready by color.
  • We hope it will cool to store under refrigeration.
  • It can be consumed with toasts, cookies, sweets, etc.


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