Home Decoration and Design Tips with Fengshui Science

The role of an interior designer in decorating a room is very large. Now many people are starting to use the services of designers to customize the room or interior of their house to suit what they want.

In designing a room, everyone emphasizes their own personal style, and everyone certainly has a different view, even though currently the lines are more in a simpler direction, such as fewer profiles, floor finishing and wall finishing using stripes. simpler.

Should we hire the services of an interior designer?
Whether or not we hire the services of an interior designer is an interesting question to answer. So even though the size is small or large the room can actually produce a good design. So depending on how smart we respond to the room.

What should be considered first when determining the location of furniture?
The first is that we have to look at the position of the door first. The position of the door will determine what kind of circulation the room is. So don’t put a sofa or chair blocking the way to a room. It sure isn’t comfortable, right? After determining what the indoor circulation will look like, in a freer area, we can put furniture.

What kind of furniture material should be used?
There are various materials used in the furniture, from natural to synthetic. What is natural, for example, such as bamboo rattan wood, is something that is interesting. In addition, there are also those made from synthetic materials that can be used for outdoor use because they are easy to clean. Given that there are quite a lot of variations in the material, the best choice goes back to the concept we want and also the budget.

Tips for decorating the room
First, we have to first inventory what items we have, and we also have to check the budget we provide. From that we will find it easier to determine what should be added and what is still lacking in the house or room.

The second tip in designing or decorating a room is that we must really like it. Do not let it just because it is a trend, we impose this style even though we ourselves are not comfortable with the design. So what you need to remember is don’t be too pushy, and the style design doesn’t have to be expensive.

Designing a Fengshui
Style Home The beauty of the house is not only seen from the outside, but the decoration must also be considered. The game of colors, light effects, and the layout of the furniture in the room must be properly arranged. What are the opinions and tips on designing a house based on fengshui experts ?

Reporting from a television media a feng shui expert named Yohan Suyangga expressed his opinion. In his opinion, building the best house is a “house of flesh” or a house that is fat.

A fat house means a house that is wide, not a tall one or one that extends inward. A house that is widened means that it always brings good fortune for children and grandchildren and a spouse. In the room of the house there must be a family photo that reflects harmony. The larger the family photo on display, the more harmonious the family will be.

The mistake of many insiders is the designation of the kitchen. The position of the kitchen is often in front of the house, this is not good. Likewise, the position of the septic tank or toilet in the house, because it is better to be separated from the house.

Choosing a good house color is to avoid blue in the house, because it usually evokes emotions faster. The blue color painted on the walls of the nursery will make children easily quarrelsome and indifferent. The choice of a good house color for the floor is to avoid the red color on the front of the house, because it tends to arouse emotions that disturb family harmony.


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