What Is Hologram;Meaning And Concpt

Hologram is a three-dimensional image obtained from the projection of light on two-dimensional figures . These “three-dimensional photographs” are formed through the process of holography.Holography technology was created by the Hungarian physicist Dennis Gabor in 1948, which earned him the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1971.

Where are they used?
The production and applications of holograms can be separated and different areas:
– Scientific research
– Artistic
– Marketing and advertising
– Security and anti-counterfeiting

What is not holography?

Nowadays the word hologram is often used incorrectly in situations where we speak of:

  • Stereoscopic 3D
  • Virtual reality
  • Reflection techniques
  • Mirror techniques
  • Special effects

Creating A Right 3D hologram

To actually create a 3D hologram, it is necessary that the generated image has depth. For the image to have this characteristic, it requires the use of both physiological and psychological indicators, including parallax and interposition. The combination of these two factors will convince your eye’s perception in a natural way, making the image look real.

A virtual assistant in the form of a hologram

virtual assistant can help us organize our day better. He is a kind of personal secretary and can help us solve a series of small daily problems. There are several types: robots, apps, and in the form of holograms. Among these is Azuma Hikari, a hologram designed to organize the day for those who are very busy. This is a prime example of how holograms can help us every day.

General guidelines for making a hologram

To create this type of moving images you have to tilt an object through a laser beam. Subsequently, this information is saved to project it as a moving object using a monitor . In this way, not only the surface of the object is captured but also the volume of that object is captured .

From a technological point of view, a large and totally clean glass is needed. You also need a computer monitor. From these elements, a moving image with a black background is filmed. The glass is placed at 45 degrees and on it there is a black cloth to avoid any image that generates reflections in the glass. The end result of this process leads to the fact that we can see a third dimensional plane.

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