How Hitler’s Death Occurred

Hitler is regarded as one of the most cruel figures in contemporary history. The Nazi leader was responsible for exterminating thousands of Jews and people of other races during World War II.

The German chancellor sent the victims to concentration camps while putting into practice his megalomaniacal plan to conquer all of Europe.

Although it seems crazy these days, Hitler managed to invade several territories on the Old Continent and his army advanced a lot. He only suffered significant casualties when the Allies received support from the United States, which along with England and Russia struggled to contain the advance of the Aryan empire .

Theories about Hitler’s death

Adolf Hitler died in 1945 in Berlin Photo: depositphotos)

The death of Hitler is surrounded by many theories and conspiracies. There are even those who claim that the dictator died in Brazil, after fleeing.

However, what History and eyewitnesses claim is that Hitler died on April 30, 1945 in a bunker in Berlin. The most accepted theory is that he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

His despair started when Soviet forces invaded Berlin and he realized that defeat would be inevitable. According to reports, he asked German doctors to teach him an infallible way to take his own life.

Therefore, two hypotheses were shown. The first with a direct shot to the head, and the second with a dose of cyanide .

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Hitler is found dead

But he didn’t die alone. At midnight on April 29, Hitler formalized the union with Eva Braun. After the simple and brief ceremony, he reportedly dictated his will to a secretary and headed for the bedroom with his recent wife.

During the night, says the account, that a shot was heard. Upon entering the room where Hitler and Eva rested, they found Hitler shot in the head in a chair and Eva Braun beside him, also lifeless.

The strong smell of cyanide led some people to believe that it would have been poisoned. After that, their cronies would have descended with the bodies to the subsoil where they would have put gasoline and set fire to them, but they were not able to fully consume the bodies.


Eva’s body had no visible physical injuries and she herself had previously told Linge that she wanted to be poisoned.

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When the Allied army arrived at the bunker site in Berlin, it still found the remains of Hitler and his wife . It is not clear what was done with them. However, there is no known grave.

Hitler’s death ended an era of terror and evil, whose atrocities surfaced after the end of World War II.

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