What is it to be minimalist

How many bags do you have? Too many shoes? And your house is usually crowded with so many objects that you don’t even know they are there? Know that for a group of people having less is a life goal . It’s the minimalist ones . Have you heard of them?

Being minimalist is a strong trend. But it goes far beyond fashion. Minimalist Fernanda Neute’s blog has an incredible definition of this: “minimalism is much more than a lifestyle or an aesthetic preference. It is a tool that can help all those who are willing to get rid of excesses in favor of focusing on what is important to find happiness, personal fulfillment and, above all, freedom ”.

With this in mind, this article provides more details on how to adopt this tool for your life and become a minimalist.

Understanding minimalism

Getting rid of excess is one of the premises of the movement (Photo: depositphotos)

The word minimalism originally appeared as an artistic expression in the early 20th century. The movement used few visual elements and questioned the social field . She was the inspiration for this new lifestyle.

Today, the term has gained even more notoriety after authors Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus released the documentary ‘Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things’ or ‘Minimalism: a documentary about the things that matter’. The production shows the lives of people who live with only the essentials .

Unlike the counterculture movements that have emerged previously, such as hippie or punk, minimalism does not attempt to establish a new alternative society, but rather to combat exacerbated consumerism  within the current economic system, which is capitalism.

Objectives of minimalism

In an interview with the BBC, the author of the book ‘Less is more: A minimalist guide to organizing and simplifying your life’, the American Francine Jay, says that the goal of minimalist people is to give more value to experiences .

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Which clearly puts us ahead of an impasse: you either have time or you have things. “When we are not dependent on things or are no longer defined by what we have, our potentials and possibilities are limitless”, explains the writer to the BBC.

Therefore, the mission of minimalism is that people reduce consumption and invest money in experiences, such as travel, more time with family and friends and other activities that give them pleasure.

How to adopt minimalism?

All adornments are neglected, opting only for the essential (Photo: depositphotos)

The opinion is unanimous: it is no use trying to convince people to be minimalist. Your change is better and, through it, show others that it is possible to free yourself from unbridled consumption and be much happier.

The Spanish newspaper El País defines how to take the first steps towards being a minimalist. A newspaper call says: “Throwing away an object a day will make you feel better” . In addition to this valuable advice, now look at other initiatives to make your life lighter:

Raise your debts

Start your journey to become a minimalist by raising your debts. Make a complete study of what your income consumes every month and observe what you invest your money in.

In order to become a minimalist, you need to get rid of your superfluous debts and there is no other way to achieve this if you don’t put all your accounts “on the table” and go for a real analysis of your financial situation.

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