History of the Origin of the Arabic Language and Its Development

Arabic is a language that contributes a lot of vocabulary to languages ​​that exist in the world. The main reason is because this language is used in the Qur’an which has remained with its original language for more than 14 centuries and is a widely read book in the world.


The King Abdul Aziz Center publishes a book called “Arabic In World Language”. This book writes that Arabic is very influential on the languages ​​that are still used today namely Spanish, Italian, French, English, German, Turkish and Indonesian.


Arabic developed from the Aramaic language which was once widely used in Palestine and used by the prophet Ibrahim and his descendants. Aramaic was brought by the prophet Ibrahim and his wife Siti Hajar who had a child, the prophet Ishmael.


Prophet Ibrahim and little Siti Hajar and Ismail then went to Mecca and stayed there while Prophet Ibrahim always went back and forth between Palestine and Mecca. Siti Hajar is from Egypt and uses the Qibti language used by the Egyptian people at that time.


This enabled the prophet Ishmael to use two languages, namely Aramaic from his father and Qibti from his mother. Then Siti Hajar found zam-zam water flowing continuously and inexhaustible. This makes the tribes or traders who pass by and live there.


The longer the place was filled with traders and became a crowded village. And people who come from different regions with different language backgrounds so that there is mixing of several languages ​​in that place.


From here the beginning of the history of the birth of Arabic because the prophet Ismail then combined some of these languages ​​into Arabic. Then this language began to develop and become a language used as a communication tool for the daily population.


Many say that Arabic has existed since the time of the prophet Adam, but this does not have strong evidence about it. Because the language used by the prophet Adam and his children and grandchildren has lost track after the great flood disaster during the time of the prophet Noah.


Until now Arabic has grown rapidly and is used by more than 25 countries in the Middle East and North Africa. There are so many factors that make Arabic so that it can be used and adopted by many countries in the world.


At the time of education developed in the city of Baghdad and a lot of books that use Arabic. The same thing happened in Andalusia when it became the center of world education and many of his books were in Arabic.


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Many people from all over the world study in the cities of Baghdad and Andalusia so they must be able to use Arabic. This is what makes Arabic able to survive and continue to develop throughout the world and not disappear until now.


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