History of Friendship Day poetry and precious words Friendship day

History of friendship day, shayari and precious words (friendship day history.)

The relationship of friendship is most special. Friendship is an integral part of life, life without a friend is incomplete. At every turn, some special companions are found, who make a place in the heart and connect with our life without any desire. Friendships happen easily but a true friend is not found again and again. So do not forget to congratulate your special friend on Friendship Day. Because  Friendship Day is very important .

When is Friendship Day 2018  ? (Friendship day 2018 date):

Friendship Day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August, this time coming on 5 August 2018. This day is dedicated to friends.

History of Friendship Day

Friendship Day was started in 1935. It was the time of the world war. At that time, there was a need to instill a sense of friendship back within everyone. Again people could trust each other. A country can connect with another country. For this reason, the US Congress decided to celebrate one day as Friendship Day . And the first Sunday of August was celebrated as Friendship Day. In this way, all countries started adopting this special day. Gradually, many countries made the first Sunday of August in the name of friendship. In this way, the grace of the beautiful relationship increased further. Seeing its increasing popularity, the US made Winnie – the Pooh famous cartoon character in 1997 as the brand ambassador of Friendship Day.

On Friendship Day, friends give gifts to each other. With which memories are attached to those things. There is no hidden value in gifts.

Gift Ideas for Friendship Day for Friendship Day

 S.  Gift idea

1 The cards
2 Old friends pictures
3 You can give your most special thing to your friend like a dress, shirt, watch, goggles etc.
4 Diary
5 Recording – You can record some things for a friend and give his CD to a friend.
6 If you are fond of reading a friend, then you can give a novel.
7 Perfume, Watch, Goggles, Dress, Shirt, Beg, Wallet, Cape
8 Pictures of her favorite celebrity

Hindi Shayari on friendship (Friendship Day Hindi Shayari)

Every age has special friends.
In childhood, they become friends in street neighborhoods,
stand together in the tough competition of the school.
During college days,
if you enjoy this fun , some people teach vigorously in One Night Study.
If you take a movie during the tension filled days of the office,
then you become a sympathizer in the tension of the house
, Facebook what would become friends in high tech time.
Similarly, strangers would come close and become close friends.

No matter the time, friends were, are and will continue to be. Relationships are formed due to blood but friends are formed due to thoughts and feelings. After knowing each other’s good bad habits, we make friends and carry on this precious relationship throughout life.

  1. Happy Friendship  Shayari For Best Friend 

Where the flowing tears come to an end, the
sad moments of happiness become happy, there is
no magician, that person is
called a dear friend.


  1. Happy Friendship Day message

Times change,
some pass, some get away,
but even those who laugh in memories
are called best friends.


  • Dosti par shayari 

Friendship is a moment that
changes from time to time.
When a
person gets imprisoned in memories, this moment goes on
with age.


  1. Friendship Day Shayari For Old Friends 

In the four walls of the hostel, who used to make dreams together
, after accounting for Chillar Chillar, who used to fight among themselves, today they
are sitting on the road for lakhs of celery,
today in the wish of those days, they are sitting with tea at the nook.


  1. Friendship Shayari For True Friends 

Those who laugh in the face of trouble, those who are
in a mood filled with anger, and the
tears that are dripping, who do not
know how to
wipe , but they know that the person who doubles the expenses of the party is
called the true man.


Friendship is a relationship that does not ask for anything
that does not sing the tone of insult,
this relationship only understands the language of love
when the man says

  1. Friendship Day Poem For Childhood Friends

In moments of childhood that were
come to remember those friends
team Gilli Poles who were
there recall that friend
looked back when
he would come to remember friends
not that moment with longer considered
hidden smile today
that friends Miss you


With every walk of life

 New friends join

After each stop

Friends live in memories

Fucking these worlds tear apart friends

But friends stay somewhere in the heart

But don’t be sad my friend

We are also such a combination of fevicol

Friends who never say goodbye 


Unknown angels change lives, they
become happy fighters in moist eyes,
even those who become special through blood relations become
strangers to friends.


The relationship between eyes and eyelids is
the same, friend
how deep the angel in life goes,
always hands together,
howsoever the world becomes unfaithful,
friends are like shadows.

Happy Friendship Day Quotes

  • Friendships are those which act like a mirror for you.
  • In true friendship, there is a change of mind, but there can be no enmity.
  • To celebrate anger is a tonic of friendship.
  • If a true friend becomes your adversary, then stop yourself for two moments and assess yourself.
  • Never let a true friend go away due to misunderstanding, it is equivalent to losing the Kohinoor.
  • In today’s time, friends change like clothes.
  • Friendship is done by coincidence but not by coincidence.
  • Without friends, even a large bank balance seems a bit incomplete.
  • True friendship only makes rich.
  • Friends know their will before applying.
  • Ruans heart that calms down after talking is called true friend.


Friendship Day Story for Best Friend

Friendship has always been there, whether it is history or today. The best examples of friendship are found in mythology.

  • Krishna and Sudama’s friendship

Sudama was a childhood companion of Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna went to Sandipani Rishi’s ashram for education. There they meet Bhat Sudama and they become close friends.

One day, Sandipani sends Krishna and Sudama on a journey for a special task and puts some gram for Sudama for their food and orders to eat together. Both leave on a journey. There is strong rainfall on the way. Both of them decide to sit in one place. Sudama sits on the tree and tree under the tree. Sudama feels hungry and starts eating gram without speaking to Krishna. That is when Krishna asks for gram from Sudama, then Sudama tells him that gram has fallen in the way and all the gram eat themselves. Destiny teaches them a lesson because of their lies. Sudama spends his life in extreme poverty. Then his wife tells him to go to Krishna. Then Sudama says. It is not right to go to Sakha’s house without taking anything. Then Sudama’s wife gives the raw paddy bundle to Sudama. Sudama reaches Dwarka after a journey of many months. Speak to the gatekeeper there, message Krishna that his friend Sudama has come. Seeing his condition, everyone makes fun of Sudama. It is said that the friend of Shri Krishna was like that too.

When messages are sent inside the palace. Then Krishna sits with Rukmani. Hearing the message, Krishna runs out and takes Sudama himself. In a friend’s love, Krishna neither wears anything on his feet nor does he feel conscious about anything. Upon reaching Sudama, Krishna embraces him. All the people who make fun are left watching.

After taking Sudama inside, Shri Krishna himself washes his feet. Remove the thorns in it. They wipe their feet with hands. Seeing Sudama’s condition, Krishna’s eyes fill. Rania is scared to see them crying. But seeing such a friend’s love, everyone’s eyes get filled.

Krishna asks Sudama what gift the sister-in-law (Sudama’s wife) sent to him. Sudama feels hesitant to give him a bundle of raw paddy but Krishna finds it and eats it as if there is some nuts. As soon as a handful is eaten, Sudama’s house is filled with grain. If you eat a second fist, Sudama’s house becomes a pucca palace from a raw hut. Sudama’s wife and children are loaded with beautiful clothes and jewels while eating the third fist.

Such Shri Krishna maintains his friendship and sends poor Sudama rich.

There are many examples of friendship. In which friends die for each other.

The same thing appears in the story of Sudama and Krishna that Krishna Sudama does not get angry due to an ignorance in his childhood but removes his friend’s grief. Krishna is the king of a city and poor Brahmin of Sudama but no difference is seen in his friendship. In this way, there is never the difference of the great elder in friendship. Hearts are only found in friendship, not status.

Sugriva also fights a battle with Ravana without caring for his life due to this friendship. Ram ji takes his life to find Sita Mata. Lord Rama also kills Sugriva’s brother Bali and gets him his kingdom and wife. Such a big war is fought on the basis of friendship.

Friendship is such a bond that people choose not because of blood but because of their love. Friends are formed due to feelings. The person chooses them himself. True friends play in every sphere of life. He never supports a friend in the wrong way, but keeps his character in front of him like a mirror. In any case, friends are prevented from going wrong.

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