What are the best bots for Telegram

With the changes, improvements and updates that it has had recently, there is no doubt that the Telegram app has been on the lips of almost everyone. And it is that thanks to its recent fame, we realize that it offers us options that we had not really considered. If you are starting to use this messaging app and want to enjoy it even more, today we show you which are the best bots to add to Telegram for free .

Many other messaging applications have implemented the use of different bots, which allows their users to have a much more enjoyable and productive time using it. Although it sounds a bit complicated, they are actually very easy to use if you take the time to discover them. We encourage you to keep reading and discover how you can take advantage of bots on Telegram.

What are the best bots for Telegram?

Telegram has become one of the most used messaging apps in the world, and there is no doubt that it offers really interesting options. For example, it offers us very varied and high-quality stickers , which can be very useful and fun when chatting. But there is a not so popular function, and it is to use bots within the application.

Unlike other applications of its kind, Telegram allows us to create chat bots in which we can chat with these smart and fun robots. From a calculator to an RSS reader, there are many more functions and tasks that we can carry out with the help of Telegram bots .

Here is a list of the most useful and popular bots or robots available in this versatile app. We also encourage you to use them smoothly and get the most out of them.

List of normal bots available on Telegram

In order to use the wonderful Telegram bots, we first need to know what they are. Creating a Telegram account is really worth it, and now we give you a list of normal bots that you can use in the app:

  • Convert.io Bot. This great bot allows us to download YouTube videos by writing MP3 or MP4 in its link. If you write MP3 you will download the audio, while you must write MP4 if you want to download the video.
  • PDF Bot. It is a practical PDF editor from Telegram.
  • Alert Bot. It’s like an agenda in that it allows you to make reminders, you just have to tell it what to remind you and when to say it.
  • StickerBot. Through this you can find all the stickers you want just by putting an emoji. The bot will show you the related stickers.
  • Voicy. This allows you to convert voice memos to text messages in the blink of an eye.

Ready! Those are just some of the best normal bots available on Telegram . You can use them when creating a private chat with it, and start enjoying its different functions

List of inline bots available on Telegram

Apart from those, you can also use inline bots, which are those that you can use when writing in any chat. On the other hand, normal bots are those that you use when creating a private chat with it. Some of the inline bots that you can use, which are undoubtedly some of the best Telegram tricks , are:

  • @zoombot. This allows us to control Zoom calls from Telegram.
  • @Youtube. This allows us to search and attach YouTube videos to any chat.
  • @raebot. It is used to look up definitions in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy and even attach them to the chat.
  • @gif. Through this bot you can search for animated GIFs to share.
  • @bing. You can search for Bing images and attach them to any chat you want.
  • @imdb. Write the name of any movie or series and you will get the information about it.
  • @wiki. Check Wikipedia with this bot and attach the information to the chat.

We encourage you to continue discovering this wonderful feature , and to look for more information about Telegram bots . There are many more besides these bots that we have pointed out, and we encourage you to use them without delay. We hope that all this guide that we gave you today can be useful to you, and that you enjoy the Telegram bots.


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