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On Facebook it is possible to stop following a friend who posts things we don’t like to read or who disturbs our home with too many interventions that we don’t care. Unfollowing a friend is a good solution to not participate in the discussions of someone we have in the friends list, who we do not want to remove from friends also to avoid being rude or offensive. The result is that he will never know that we have stopped following him and will continue to publish what he wants without annoying us.

To this possibility Facebook has now added another less drastic solution , which allows us to pause the reception of updates from a person , only for 30 days; in practice, if a friend gets bored with monothematic topics, we can temporarily hide him from our Facebook for a month. This can be particularly useful for blocking the friend fixated on politics under elections, to block the ultras friend after the victory of something, not to make us die of envy because of the holiday photos published every day by someone or even to temporarily clean up. the page blocking almost all friends indefinitely.

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How to hide Facebook posts from friends

In the following chapters we will show you how to temporarily hide the posts of our friends on any platform where you can use Facebook, so that you can act with this sort of temporary block both from smartphone, tablet or PC.

How to hide posts on Android or iPhone

To hide the posts of annoying friends on Facebook we open the app (available for Android and for iPhone / iPad ), identify the last annoying post of our friend, press on the three dots next to the post and select the item Pause for 30 days .

By doing so, Facebook itself will keep track of the days and block each new post for the next 30 days; after these 30 days the posts of this contact will return to fill our wall. Obviously, nothing prevents us from re-blocking it for the next 30 days , but at this point we might as well remove the follow from the friend’s profile completely (as we will see later) or remove this contact from friends.

The block can also be applied to pages, groups and users who write in a group : as needed, the options window will change to show the other items necessary to block one of the elements seen a little while ago (let’s talk about it in depth in the next chapter).

How to hide posts on PC

If we are from a PC, the procedure for silencing posts for 30 days is similar. First we open the Facebook site from our favorite browser (Edge or Chrome are fine), log in with our account, identify the annoying post in our wall, press on the three dots at the top right of the post and select the entry Pause posts for 30 days .

Also in this case the updates of the person will be hidden from our dashboard for 30 days; if we notice that the posts come from people we don’t know but who are part of a group or page we follow, we can either “silence” the user in question (even if they are not our friends) or temporarily hide the group’s posts or of the page, so as not to be bothered by users we do not know or who post useless messages in a group or on a page that we did not even remember to follow.

How to hide posts forever

We can no longer read the posts of a relative or a close friend but we do not want to remove the friendship? In this case we can completely hide the posts from our bulletin board by pressing on the name of our harassing friend within the post (or looking for his name in the upper search bar), by pressing the icon in the shape of a ticked man (next to the item Message ), opening the menu Take a break , then pressing on See options (under the section See contents menu ) and activating the item Do not follow .

From now on we will no longer see any posts of the person, even if we will continue to be his friends; the same procedure can also be applied from a PC, the steps are identical.

Alternatively we can also activate the item Limit the ability to see , so as to minimize the posts of that friend (the tags in the other posts will disappear or the comments he leaves around in the pages or in the groups), leaving only the most important ones or those who receive a large number of interactions from other mutual friends. Obviously, by repeating the procedure we can always unlock the friend and restore the display of the posts in our wall.

How to hide page or group updates

Are annoying posts coming from pages or groups? Also in this case we can hide the contents of the pages from our bulletin board without removing the Like, so that we can always access (which is very useful for secret groups or groups with conditional access).

To hide the updates of a page or a group, click on the three dots next to an update on our bulletin board and select the item Do not follow anymore ; alternatively we look for the name of the group in the search bar at the top, open the presentation page, click on the icon with the three dots (next to Send a message ), click on Follow already , then on the item Default settings (next to voice Section News ) and pigiamo the item No .

All updates on that page will no longer be displayed on our dashboard.

If we are on a PC, the steps are practically identical, since Facebook has standardized the graphics and buttons between the mobile versions and the web version of the site (we will never get confused again!).


Dealing with annoying friends or relatives is always unpleasant, but luckily Facebook offers a quick shortcut to temporarily or permanently block the posts of friends or the ugly and senseless updates that we can see on the wall due to groups or pages. that we didn’t even remember to follow!

If we want to sort the news that appear on our wall, we suggest you read the guide Sorting the news Facebook . If, on the other hand, we want to understand if a person dear to us has stopped following us or removed our friendship, we can immediately read our article See who stops following you or be friends on Facebook .


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