10 tips and tricks for Candy Crush Saga

In the world there are two types of people, those who play Candy Crush and those who prefer to play something similar like Tíntin Match , as if they were totally different games. And lately almost all the people I know belong to the first of these groups. It has become one of the most successful games, with more than 50 million downloads for Android. We review the 10 tricks and tips for you to overcome the levels of Candy Crush Saga in a simpler way.

A sociological study could be carried out on the strategies that each type of person follows to play Candy Crush. There are those who are determined that each level has a strategy and you have to follow it to get through the level, although later they realize that they have managed to pass it precisely at the moment they were playing almost without realizing it. There are also those who play just to play, without following any kind of strategy, and who end up getting through the levels by chance. You give them advice to pass a level, they get it, and they believe forever that you know how to beat each of the levels in the game. Finally, there are those who pay and leave the account to buy help to overcome the video game. In any case,

1.- Always look for special candies

It is essential to pay attention to the combinations of candies that allow us to create special candies. These candies have specific functions, such as eliminating columns or complete rows, eliminating all the candies that are around, or even killing all the candies of a specific color. From the moment the level begins, looking to get those special candies is vital. They are usually achieved by combining four candies at a time, or even five. There are three types of special candies: those that eliminate rows and columns, that are striped; the ones that explode all the candies around, which are shaped like a bag; and those that eliminate all the candies of the color with which we exchange it, which are the ones that look like a donut.

2.- Start at the base

When we have to eliminate candies, it will always be better to eliminate the ones from the base, since this will make all the candies that are in the upper rows move, and in that way there is the possibility that more eliminations will take place or candies will be created specials in a single shift. Sometimes, yes, the base is not the bottom lines. We must bear in mind that some candies teleport to other columns when they reach the end of one. We must take into account which is the last row.

3.- Create combos

If in the first step we were talking about special candies, we don’t have to lose sight of the possibility of creating combos either. In other words, if we combine two special candies, we will achieve even more special results. For example, combining two striped candies, we not only delete a column or a row, but we delete both the column and the row. If we combine a striped candy with one of those that explode, we manage to eliminate three rows and three columns.

If we combine a striped candy with a donut-shaped candy, then all the candies of the same color as the striped one become striped. If what we combine is the donut-shaped candy with a bag-shaped candy, then we will remove all of one color from the bag once, and then again all those of another color. That is, we get the effect of the donut-shaped candy twice. And finally, if we combine two donut-shaped candies, we eliminate absolutely all the candies from the level.

4.- Understand striped candies

In Candy Crush it is very important to understand how all specialty candies work. The striped candy is achieved by combining four candies of the same color. Now, sometimes it is a candy that eliminates rows and sometimes it is a candy that eliminates columns. We can know the type of candy by the stripes it has, if they are vertical or horizontal. And before forming the caramel, we can know what it will be like depending on how we have slipped the last caramel that formed the line. If we have slid the candy horizontally, the hatching will be horizontal, and if we have slid it vertically, it will be vertical.

5.- Do risk analysis

No, Candy Crush is not a bank office, but there will be levels in which we will find chocolate, which is advancing for us, and levels in which there are bombs. If we don’t explode the bombs in the indicated number of turns, the turn will be over. To avoid this, it is good to have the elimination of bombs as a priority, and try to eliminate them as soon as they appear, being able to have an exception in very special cases. On the other hand, when there are fewer turns left than those given by the margin bomb, we must forget about them, since they will never explode.

6.- The jellies in the corners are the most complicated

In the levels with jellies, the main thing is to remove the ones in the corners. Although there are many, we will always be able to eliminate the others while we try to eliminate those in the corners. They are the most complicated, and it is important to focus on them from the beginning, since we will not have spent many turns before trying to eliminate them, and we will not have time.

7.- Plan a strategy

When it is not a time level, we can take it easy, and analyze what is going to be the most complicated of the level, since we will have to pay close attention to it throughout all the shifts. And not only at the beginning of the level, but after each roll we can stop to think about what steps we are going to follow to overcome the level, and how we can fulfill them. In addition, sometimes a different movement may be able to execute two actions at the same time, the one we were going to execute and also a different one.

8.- Plant face to chocolate

Chocolate is the worst enemy you will find in Candy Crush. Each level extends and consumes another place on the panel. However, we can eliminate it by exploding a candy that is next to it. Of course, when this happens, the chocolate will not expand to the next level, but will be paralyzed. Eliminating chocolate level after level is vital. And if we remove all the chocolate from a level, it will no longer appear. However, at more advanced levels there are chocolate-producing machines, which will produce it even if we eliminate it. On the other hand, chocolate can be an advantage, as you don’t usually go for specialty candies. And in addition, it can also consume bombs before they explode, making them disappear.

9.- Candy +5 is good

When we are in a time level, candies will appear that add up to five seconds. These levels are very simple. In fact, on many occasions it bores me to continue playing, since I have a lot of time left over from having exploded the five-second candies. They should be something main, although they should not detract from the main objective of the level. Actually, the time levels are the simplest of all.

10.- Get lives without waiting half an hour

You already know that we get a life every 30 minutes. With this method you don’t even need that. You will only have to change the time of your smartphone or tablet. Advance it a couple of hours, and you will already have four more lives. Of course, later you will have to change the time again. What does this mean? That you will have to wait four hours until you have a life again. However, it can be planned in such a way that during the time that we sleep or work and do not use the game, it recovers all the hours that we have advanced.


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