The Banner Saga 3 guide, tips and tricks

We teach you to master the conclusion of this great trilogy of role-playing and strategy games.

Welcome to our The Banner Saga 3 guide , where we will teach you the basics so that you can learn to fight the darkness on your own without suffering heavy casualties in the process.

Tips to start playing

  • It may seem very obvious, but we highly recommend that you play the first two installments of the trilogy before making the jump to this third part. Doing this will make you enjoy this conclusion much more as you see the consequences of your past choices and you will understand the story in its entirety.
  • If you do not keep your saved game of The Banner Saga 2or you simply want to create a new file directly in this third part, we recommend that you choose Rook as the protagonist, since he has a series of abilities much more efficient and useful than Alette, that will considerably facilitate the battles that you have to fight.
  • For a first game, we recommend playing on “Normal” difficulty, since the challenge is very well balanced to offer something challenging and tense without reaching high levels of frustration, which will allow you to enjoy both the fighting and the narrative without that these interfere with each other. Anyway, the difficulty is something that you can change whenever you want, both before starting a new game and during it, so if Normal seems too easy or difficult, you will have the option to change it.
  • You never have enough provisions or clan members, so don’t hesitate to choose the decisions that will allow you to get more. In the same way, save some Renown to also buy resources when the opportunity presents itself, since when you reach a certain point in the adventure you will need as many as you can.
  • Prioritize the characters that have a lot of strength over the others, since in this way you can deal direct damage to the life bar of the enemies from the beginning of the battle, which will also allow you to reduce their attack power, which it will give a great advantage during the rest of the confrontation.
  • The equipment items in the shops are not particularly useful, so it is not worth spending your Renown on them. There are other methods to obtain them, such as overcoming battles in waves, so you will save Renown to improve your characters and buy supplies for your clan members.
  • Keep an eye on the bar that shows the order of the shifts. In general, it will always be an enemy’s turn to move after one of our units acts. By always showing order, we can plan our strategies in advance to nullify or weaken our rivals before their turn comes.
  • Try to level up all your characters. The new limit that can be reached is 15, so try to weaken enemies with your most powerful units so that they are finished off by your weakest warriors and thus accumulate kills and experience.
  • Always try to fight until the end of a wave battle. If you hang on, you can gain much more renown and even a variety of rare items to equip and empower your heroes.
  • Remember that not all battles are compulsory, so you may prefer to try to go through diplomatic channels to resolve certain conflicts by using your gift of speech.

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