How to heat the house: tips to avoid the cold

The cold caused by the arrival of winter can cause low temperatures to reach inside the house. This makes the environment somewhat cold and not at all comfortable. However, a few simple tips on how to heat the house can make the environment warm and pleasant again. Check out some that we separated for you!

Attention to doors and windows

The first tip on how to heat the house is in the windows. They can be of great help in making the environment warmer and more cozy. First, the windows should be left open when they are receiving sunlight during the day. During the night, the windows must be closed tightly, covering any space through which cold air can enter.

Like windows, doors can be very important for heating the house, as keeping them closed and well sealed prevents cold air from entering. In addition, when you close the doors of different environments, you will decrease the circulation of air through the house, which contributes so that the temperature is not lowered.

Abuse of rugs and curtains

Another simple but very efficient tip is to use rugs and curtains in the interior of the house. Carpets and curtains will retain heat that is lost through the floor. This ensures that warm air is kept indoors. The use of rugs will also prevent contact with the cold floor. All of this in addition to avoiding direct contact of the feet with the icy floor, avoiding discomfort on the coldest days.

Change your lamps

Another possibility to keep the house warm is to replace the light bulbs with incandescent lamps, which release a large part of their energy in the form of heat. Although it may seem small, the heat generated by just one lamp will prevent it from losing temperature quickly, keeping the environment warm for longer – something much more difficult in places with fluorescent or LED lamps, which release an almost negligible amount of heat. But be careful: incandescent lamps usually consume more electrical energy than fluorescent and LED lamps.

Consider a space heater

However, one of the most effective alternatives for heating the home is the use of the space heater. A simple device, but that allows the internal temperature to be controlled, so that the environment remains warm, cozy and pleasant, even on the coldest winter days.

Another advantage of using space heaters is the possibility of using the “two in one” equipment, which are also suspended clothes dryers. With this appliance of great use on a daily basis, you ensure that the house is always warm and cozy, regardless of the outside temperature, in addition to getting rid of the problems of drying clothes on cold days.

So, with just a few simple and efficient tricks, it is possible to keep the house warm throughout the winter. Without the suffering and discomfort caused by the low temperatures of the season, which can make even the most pleasant of places in a cold and uncomfortable place.


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