6 simple tips to make winter cleaning easier

Keeping the house clean and in order is not the simplest thing in the world. Whoever takes care of the house knows: it is a task that never ends; there is always something that can be done. Not to mention the fact that, overnight, much of what has been fixed is no longer.

In winter, then, this routine becomes a difficult dilemma to deal with. With low temperatures and the difficulty of reconciling domestic chores with the cold of the season, it is difficult to decide how to organize the cleaning of the house. What is worth organizing? What is the best way to do the cleaning? In today’s post, we separated some tips for you to suffer less from the cold when cleaning the house!

1) Before and after winter

Before the season starts, do a good and thorough cleaning at your home. Tidy up your wardrobes, put your stored items in the sun, clean your cabinets, carpets, furniture, shelves, etc. This must be one of those famous heavy cleaning jobs! This will make your environment more organized and clean during the season, eliminating the need for rigorous cleaning in the midst of low temperatures.

The same should be done once the winter is over!

2) Enjoy the times of the day

Dealing with water in winter is extremely uncomfortable. Thus, on a daily basis, give preference to performing these tasks in hotter hours. Right after lunch, when the sun is usually higher and temperatures are milder, I left it to wash clothes and dishes. With regard to clothes, it will be easier for you, who will feel less cold, and for the pieces, which will be able to dry more quickly.

3) Plan the cleanings

Some household chores do not need to be performed daily. Washing the bathrooms, for example, is a job that can be done once a week as long as you keep the organization and the most superficial cleaning up to date.

Washing sidewalks and backyards, for example, is not recommended even in summer. By avoiding the waste of water, you also avoid the wear and tear that is performing this type of task.

4) Keep things in order

Keeping the house relatively organized helps (and does) a lot to avoid heavy lifting when cleaning. If you try to keep the rooms organized and clean on a daily basis, cleaning will be simpler.

As soon as you stain the stove, for example, take a cloth and perform a quick cleaning, instead of letting other stains accumulate and having double work when cleaning everything.

5) Plan your laundry

As well as making it easier to plan the cleaning of rooms, organizing the washing of clothes can also help a lot in the day to day during the winter. Have specific days in the week to wash your clothes, but pay attention so that you don’t accumulate too many pieces. If this happens, you will have 2 major problems: you will spend more time washing everything, in addition to running the risk of having an amount of clothes to dry, which can be very quite time with the low temperatures.

This does not mean that you should wash clothes every day, but rather organize the volume of the pieces. At that time, it is also worth checking the weather forecast and leaving the larger hills or heavier parts for the days of higher temperatures.

6) Abuse the damp cloth

Instead of using a duster to remove dust, for example, prefer to use a damp cloth. This is because, in this way, you remove the dust instead of spreading it, ensuring not only complete cleaning, but also the prevention of allergies and reactions, which are very common at this time of year. The same goes for the floor: a simple damp cloth makes all the difference, dispensing with the use of water, soap and mop on a daily basis.

Now that you know how to prepare your home for winter, it’s time to put the tips into practice and ensure a more comfortable season ! If you want to know more about how to handle housework in winter, just check out our special posts about the season!


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