Have you installed this application? Be careful, they could have scammed you

ore security problems in the Android landscape. If the other day we were talking about more than 60 applications infected with a Trojan capable of installing programs without our consent, today, we have to report an application that has managed to scam a large number of users through a game. Do you want to know if you are affected? keep reading.

This simple game, called Blend Color Puzzle , was available in the Google Play Store since November of last year, accumulating more than 50,000 downloads , and it was not until a few weeks ago, when Google has removed this game from its application store, thanks to the information of the security software developer G Data , who has reported on the way this malware acts on our device.

How does this malware affect us?

According to the data provided by G Data , this malicious application with the appearance of a game, it was enough to be executed to start the scam mechanism and subscribe users to services of two different Dutch companies at a cost of 4.99 euros for each one .

This attack represents a new scenario for us. We are facing a scam whose implementation involves a great effort, which has tried to position itself with numerous comments as positive as they are fraudulent and which is capable of debiting the victims’ account without the need for any type of interaction on their part. Its malicious functions include the collection of personal data, the subscription to services without the consent of the user and the sabotage of the communications of the affected devices. – Eddy Willems, G Data Expert

They also indicate that the payment was made through an intermediary, which has hampered the ability to reimburse those affected for the amount stolen. Once the application was executed and the scam was carried out, the user received two messages confirming the subscription to the two Premium services without consent, and without the ability to unsubscribe .

How to protect ourselves against these types of scams?

First of all, if you think you have suffered a scam, you can contact your mobile phone operator and block premium messaging services , something highly recommended to avoid scares on your bill at the end of the month, although you will not be able to use this type of payment for other services that are really safe.

The most important thing in order not to suffer from scams of this type is to download applications from reputable developers whose evaluations by users are generally positive. We must also look at the permissions required by the application, because for example, the app we are talking about in this article, needed permissions to make calls, receive SMS’s and access all the device’s networks , something excessive for a simple game.


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