Harpy’s Lair – Borderlands 3 Complete Guide

We bring you the complete Borderlands 3 guide in which we take a tour of the missions of history and we show you a series of tips and tricks.

Upon reaching the indicated area at the end of the previous chapter of this complete guide we will see a secondary mission that an NPC entrusts us:

  • The Witch’s Brew: The NPC named Murl from the beginning of the Jakobs Mansion area will ask us to go talk to the witch Azalea to find out what she is up to. Once there she will ask us to collect three green and three red mushrooms (for Murl). One problem will be the appearance of a tyrant, a large dinosaur that can complicate things for us. Even so, if we manage to defeat him we will receive a message from Torgue in which he gives us a new weapon. Be that as it may, when we have the mushrooms we are the witch and we fight with an enemy before going back to Murl to give him the red mushrooms and in return give us a shotgun with fire damage. The last thing left to do is go destroy the witch’s stores and finish her off.

Harpy’s Lair

Once we are ready to continue with the main mission we simply have to head towards the mansion and move forward until we see a cinematic scene. After that, we follow the path to the theater and we rally everything that interests us along the way. Upon arrival at the theater we will meet a boss: the Consecrated .

Its powers were teleportation and launching various waves of energy that will do us a lot of damage. What we must do to beat it is move around the area as long as it does not reach us and go shooting non-stop. He only has one life, so it shouldn’t be too complicated if we can stay alive and end his life.

Once we defeat him we go up to the top of the theater and must recreate the Typhon Deleon poster using the levers. If you are lost, just look at the image that accompanies this guide after that, we just have to go down the hatch and advance until we pick up the music disc from the wall to take it to Wainwright .


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