Hammerlockura – Borderlands 3 Complete Guide

We bring you the complete Borderlands 3 guide in which we take a tour of the missions of history and we show you a series of tips and tricks.

After completing the previous mission we must go down to Eden-6 to find and help Hammerlock to continue our mission guide . Even so, shortly after advancing we will find the first secondary missions of the area, which we decided to complete now.


  • Kill me, truck: when we go down to the planet we will find a corpse and after examining it we have to speak to the man who stands in the cabin behind us: Miller. He will ask us to end the Plasmaleta gang, which we will find mounted on vehicles that cross the road.
  • Speed ​​up, flash:in this mission we will be asked to demonstrate what we know how to do behind the wheel by performing various jumps on ramps mounted on a high-end advantage. It is simple, we just have to put the turbo and align the vehicle to jump properly. If we make the final “big jump”, we can get loot from Prisa’s father.

Once we finish high schools we continue with the main mission of reuniting with Wainwright and once there we get rid of the enemies. As we enter and speak to him, we must go to the Anvil and meet with Tajocarne. To cross the wooden block with the vehicle we have to shoot something explosive at it. After that, we simply advance until we meet Brick and help him destroy all the enemies around him.

When we go a little further we will meet another classic character: Tiny Tina . She will ask us to gather various ingredients for her explosive pizza : “ham, onion rings and sauce.” Having everything, we take it to Tina to make the bomb and place it in the indicated location. There we will meet a boss with several phases.

The Warden will regain his life up to four times after we remove the first shield and health bar. With each evolution it will become more powerful and savage and therefore the recommendation is that we do not get too close, we should run circles on stage while we wait with our most powerful arsenal. We can also use the minions that come after us to retrieve ammo, grenades, and even have a second chance after falling and killing them.

Once we have completed the battle we can shoot the cage hanging from the ceiling for what Sir Hammerlock to be deliberate and after that we return to the Wainwright mansion. There they will indicate our next destination : the Jakobs mansion.


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