Under Meridio – Borderlands 3 Complete Guide

We bring you the complete Borderlands 3 guide in which we take a tour of the missions of history and we show you a series of tips and tricks.

When we manage to gather the three fragments of the camera key we can go down to the indicated place in order to open it and continue with the story accompanied by this complete guide . Maya will accompany us and we will have to go to the Neon Artery. Once there, we got into the new vehicle Ellie gave us and we made our way to Apolión Station.


Under Meridio

As soon as we are in the tunnel of the camera, various ghosts and guardians will come after us and we will have to destroy them (or not, it is voluntary) until we find access to the Forgotten Basilica. Once there we will find access to the camera and what comes out of it: The Ravager .

To end this enemy it is advisable not to stop moving around the stage to avoid its devastating attacks. On the other hand, we take advantage of every available opportunity to shoot him with all our fire personnel and if we fall and we are playing solo Maya you can revive us. There will also be occasions when our enemy weakens and stops for a few moments, a moment that we can take advantage of to reload our shield and at the same time shoot it with the heaviest artillery we have.

On the other hand, on a couple of occasions in battle the enemy will be surrounded by an impenetrable shield and we simply have to shoot at flying lights that surround him. When we leave its protection we will see that its power has changed and it will have either corrosive or incendiary. We can adapt to these changes and we have various weapons in our possession.

When we finally succeed, we collect all the look we want and enter the camera. We do the same in there and when we are ready we collect the device that shines in the center, which will allow us to destroy the eridium betas that we find to obtain ingots of this valuable material.

After the cinematic we will return to the Sanctuary and we will have to talk to our friends before setting off for Eden-6


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