Happy birthday, Albert Einstein!

This article is an offering to commemorate Albert Einstein’s birthday.

Today the world is cheering because 141 years ago, in Germany, a man named Albert Einstein was born.

It is undeniable that the most inherent thing about Einstein is his picture sticking out his tongue with his hair in a mess and a series of three letters and one of the most famous numbers: E = mc 2 .

The energy contained in a stationary object is equal to the mass of the object times the square of the speed of light. That is, in every gram of mass, it contains enormous energy, at the speed of light.

The question is: why don’t we ever realize that there is that much energy in such a small object?

Einstein then explained it through Out of My Later Years (1950) . He wrote, “As long as no energy is released externally, it will never be observed. Like a dead staple person who has never shopped; no one knows how sharp this person is. ”

Yes, of course I changed Einstein’s writing to make it more solemn, but that’s the kurleb. Hoho.

Einstein was a dazed thinker. Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content paper who gave birth to the theory of relativity did not even include sources from other papers. In the same year, 1905, Einsten also published several other papers. On a Heuristic Viewpoint Concerning the Production and Transformation of Light (which earned him the title of nobel) , On the Movement of Small Particles Suspended in Stationary Liquids Required by the Molecular-Kinetic Theory of Heat, and A New Determination of Molecular Dimensions . The year which is then called the annus mirabilis or the year of the miracle of Einstein.

For Einstein, Newton was his idol and Principia Mathematica which he wrote was his holy book.

That said, young Einstein loved to think and was dazed and he always imagined how Newton discovered the concept of gravity. He was amazed at the same time exasperated. One time, he was lying in his yard. Waiting for an apple to hit his face. Until ten hours later, nothing happened. He almost disagreed with Newton’s opinion until his mother came and said, “Here, right, there’s no apple tree.”

Luckily Einstein was relaxed. He could accept his innocence that he did not know what an apple tree looked like. If he is Keanuagl, he might reply to the mother with: “Really? Don’t tell me, lo! ”

The pleasure of thinking would not only make him a dazed staring staring out the window in the rain waiting for dusk. He tried to learn various points of view. Apples dropped on the surface of the earth due to the force of gravity is one thing. However, the apple released from the hands of astronauts in a rocket that was sliding at high speed up, in a vacuum, is something else.

For astronauts, the fall of the apple to the surface of the rocket floor is caused by gravity. And that is legitimate.

For those of us who are outside the rocket, hearing astronauts explain it is strange. The rocket alone is in a place without gravity. How could the lack of gravity cause the fall of the apple? The high-speed rocket launch is what makes the apple “look” falling down.

The person inside the elevator can always feel that he and the elevator are standing still and fine. However, we who are outside, can be panicked, not playing because they know the elevator is falling down due to gravity.

He who we see constantly on Instagram story can be just every 2 hours in the morning can not sleep because thinking: “FOR WHAT I WAS BORN? WHAT THE HELL? !! ”

For me, Einstein was cool because he wanted to open his mind to a new perspective and see it as something ordinary.

So, let’s celebrate Albert Einstein’s birthday with a story about him and Elsa, his wife and cousin who don’t understand very well about physics. Einstein explained his theory of relativity by saying this:

“If you sit and hold Marylin Monroe for an hour, you will feel it like a minute. On the other hand, if you put your hand on the stove for a minute, you will feel it like an hour. ”

Einstein then invited Elsa into the kitchen. Trying to prove his words. And Elsa’s cleverly evasive, “But you used to yes.”

Einstein: “Don’t worry!”

Joking zeyeng.

If we look at a glance, the conversation is like a joke that is usually done by two people who are being combined romance. But, far deeper, through his relativity, we know that Einstein always thought of things one step deeper, and one plot wider.

So maybe, now you need to answer this question: To you, what does learning feel like? Sitting on Marylin Monroe’s lap, or putting your hands on the stove?


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