Why is the happiness level of Indians falling?

Here, another international report has come out to mock and mirror all the claims of our booming economy and economic growth. The United Nations ‘World Happiness Report’ states that India’s status in the matter of happiness is not only behind all the developed and developing countries of the world, but also from all the small neighboring countries including Pakistan and war-torn Palestine and famine-stricken Somalia. is.

The life philosophy of us Indians has been – ‘Santoshi always happy.’ According to the situation, our world identity has been recognized as a society that adapts itself and is happy even in the absence, but the situation of this country which makes the world familiar with yoga and spirituality has changed rapidly in the last few years. The report of the United Nations ‘Sustainable Development Solution Network’ released every year has been declaring for the past few years that the level of happiness and self-satisfaction of the people of India has been steadily declining. This change is also confirmed by the ‘World Happiness Report-2018’.

This ‘World Happiness Report’, an organization of the United Nations ‘Sustainable Development Solution Network’, is released and surveyed internationally every year. This time, India ranks as low among the 156 countries surveyed as some of Africa’s most backward countries. The surprising thing is that in this report, even small neighboring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal are above India in terms of happiness. Seeing this, we cannot say that the United Nations has done something wrong in its report.

The UN’s assessment method is scientific, so its conclusions are generally correct. A team of economists measure the realization of the citizens of all countries of the world on the parameters of good governance, per capita income, health, survival age, long life expectancy, trust, social support, freedom, generosity etc. Are happy India is backward on these parameters. That is why he has got a high position in the unhappy countries. According to the ‘World Happiness Report’ released this year, India is among the few countries which have slipped downwards.

Although this situation of India is not surprising in itself, it is important to note that the policy-regulators of our country, like many big countries, have not been able to embrace the reality that the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) ) Or by increasing the growth rate, we will not become a happy society. It is also no less interesting that why countries like Pakistan (75) and Nepal (101) and Bangladesh (115) are above us in this report, which we count only in permanently distressed countries. Among SAARC countries, only Afghanistan lags behind India in terms of happiness.

Interestingly, five years ago, ie 2013, India was ranked 111 in the report. Since then, our stock markets have been climbing almost continuously, yet during this time, what could be the reason for our happiness level slipping down? Actually, this report also clearly underlines the fact that only economic prosperity cannot bring prosperity in a society. That is why even America (18), Britain (19) and United Arab Emirates (20), which are considered symbols of economic prosperity, have not been able to make their place among the 10 happiest countries in the world.

In the latest ‘World Happiness Report’, Finland is the happiest country in the world. Last year, Finland was ranked fifth on this list, but in one year it was ranked fifth. Finland has been rated as the most stable, safest and most well-governed country in the world. He is least corrupt and socially progressive. The situation in India as described in the ‘World Happiness Report’ is both startling and also worrying. It is also surprising that those who are deprivation look more happier than those living a life of indulgence with modern comforts.

However, now the number of such people is being increased whose belief is in the verb slogan of ‘Yeh Dil Maange More’ instead of the sublime Kabir philosophy of ‘Sai so give …’. If all this was limited to a small section, then there was no particular harm. But the difficulty is that these values ​​are dominating our national life on the lines of ‘Raja and Praja’. For those who are financially weak or have limited income, banks have opened their treasuries by laying credit cards and debt traps on the lines of ‘loan kritva, ghritam peewat’. People are buying modern means of comfort with the help of these expensive interest rates loans and credit cards. This verbal situation can also be estimated by seeing the rush of all the shops and shopping malls of Shan-o-Shaukat.

Overall, the orgy of longing is more visible everywhere. Indolent craving is more dangerous than satiated craving. This is the reason behind the increasing crimes across the country – especially sexual offenses. It is not without reason that the graph of crime in those areas of the country is at the bottom, which marketism has not touched much. To say all this is not to glorify the misfortune, but it is a constructive critique of the immoral prosperity and its by-products born of stray capitalism. Indeed, the global storm of development and marketism has broken many beliefs and myths. Some time ago, in a study report of World Health Organization, it was also told that India is the most depressed country in the world, where every third-fourth person is suffering from depression.

This fact also dispels the myth that development is the carrier of happiness. Our country can naturally be said to be the most depressed, based on the standards of depression, sadness, despair, anorexia, insomnia, etc., in the study, because we have all the major parts of the system, regardless of political leadership. Be it the executive, the justice system, the police, the common man has got frustration and frustration. Economic and social inequality in the country has also got a boost due to a handful of people occupying the natural resources of the country.

People-wide development has resulted in displacement of people across the country on a large scale. This displacement has happened not only from their home land, but also from their sociality and culture, which has filled them with sorrow and despair. The entire ocean does not become prosperous due to a few islands of prosperity in the ocean of disaster and misery. The United Nations ‘World Happiness Report’ and the World Health Organization’s survey of India as the most depressed country point to this fact.

by Abdullah Sam
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