Hand blender

Hand Blender : It is one of the most used household utensils in almost all the elaborations, to make each elaboration more effective and simple. Nowadays, the arm mixers, as they are also known, have become an essential element in any kitchen, since they provide a fundamental help when it comes to whipping, mixing and kneading soft foods for certain recipes .

It is known as a mixer in Latin America and as a mixer in Spain.


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  • 1 Operation
  • 2 Its inventor
  • 3 Some Brands of Hand Mixers
  • 4 Elaborations that can be done with it
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The hand mixer uses an electric motor, usually a universal motor, that rotates an axis, that axis is connected to a series of gears, which are connected to metal rods. As they rotate, they cause the whipping movement of the ingredient mixture.

Its inventor

The hand mixer, or arm mixer, was invented and patented by Roger Perrinjaquet in 1950 under the name “bamix”, contraction of “bat et mixe”, bat and mix, in Spanish. However, its most famous version was the one designed by the Barcelona engineer Gabriel Luelles for the Spanish company Pimer: Small Mechanical-Electrical Industries Reunidas, which they baptized with the name Minipimer. His company was acquired by the German giant Braun GmbH, who decided to keep the name of this blender, giving rise to the popular Braun Minipimer pairing, which became a benchmark.

Some Brands of Hand Mixers

Some of the most prominent global brands in the production of hand blenders are Bosch , a German firm that has become one of the leading multinationals in the sector of manufacturing and marketing of household appliances. The Aigostar Taurus Bapi, Braun, Aigostar and Moulinex, of French origin, are also benchmarks, with distribution throughout much of the world, whose specialization in very economical products has been the main architect of the expansion of Moulinex appliances.

Elaborations that can be done with it

Purees , smoothies , juices , gazpachos , creams … A multitude of delicious recipes require that, at some point in their preparation, the ingredients are whipped. Therefore, in order not to give them up, it is useful to have the help of utensils designed for it, among which stand out hand blenders or immersion blenders, as they are also known.


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