Baize. cloth made with certain fabrics (generally cotton or microfibers) that have the property of absorbing liquids.


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Wipes are useful for cleaning certain smooth surfaces. They are used either by adding a cleaning or disinfecting product, or by themselves to collect the excess water .


The cloths are used to clean countertops, sinks, the various pieces of sanitary ware , tiles, tables, etc. In general, they are multi-purpose cloths that serve a wide variety of materials: plastic , metal , ceramic , etc. However, there are specific models for certain surfaces such as those for glass or car bodies.

Types of cloths:

  • Woven cloths. They must be slightly moistened before adding the cleaning product. They can be used repeatedly provided they are properly rinsed after use.
  • Pre-moistened clothsThey do not need to be impregnated with water because they already have it incorporated. They are disposable, that is, single use.
  • Nonwoven cellulose cloths. It is necessary to impregnate them with water before using them. They slide very easily thanks to their composition and are disposable.
  • Microfiber cloths. They are considered ecological because they do not need detergent to perform their function. They clean dust and grease in one pass . They are more expensive than traditional ones.


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