Hair comb

Comb . It is a flat utensil with spikes that is used to fix, detangle and clean hair or other fibers . There are different models, which vary in the number and thickness of the tines. Combs were once made from tortoiseshell shells , but since hunting of turtles was prohibited , currently the usual materials for their manufacture are plastic and wood .


The oldest combs have been found in Egyptian tombs covering forms similar to the current ones and with the double destiny of serving for the cleaning of the head and for the decoration of the hair . Those of this second class have not been found real but in painted figures. The toilets actually consist and are made of wood , not only from the Egyptian civilization but also from prehistoric Europe from the first metal age .

In the palace of Sargon at Khorsabad (Assyria) combs were discovered with figures of lion in the middle. The same double character before said manifest the combs found in Roman graves, their material being ivory , turtle shell , copper and wood .

Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages , they were also used as a liturgical object among clerics, ivory or wood, and both the profane and the religious of that time (and even in the 16th century ) used to adorn themselves, which showed figures in the middle part of the object between the two rows of points. The oldest of the latter class is the call of Saint Lupo or Saint Lope in the cathedral of Sens , in France , from the 7th century : but the most remote date among the profane are those alluded to by the prehistoric Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations in different museums such as the Louvre Museum , British , ofBrussels , Naples , Madrid , etc.


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