Guidelines for healthy eating, according to Henri Joyeux

The relationship between having good eating habits and reducing the risk of suffering from some diseases has been demonstrated. In fact, almost three thousand years ago, Hippocrates already said ” that your food is your medicine .”

Thus, many doctors insist on the need to eat well to prevent disease. This is the case of Henri Joyeux . This French doctor is an expert in cancer and nutrition. His book Eat well today, live better tomorrow , published in Spain by Editorial Planeta ( @planetadelibros ) in 2017, is considered the bible of healthy eating. In it, he collects tips and recommendations to eat better and thus achieve good health.

Nutritional advice

Joyeux tries to summarize what modifications we must make in our eating habits to make them healthier. He himself warns that they seem easy to adopt but that they can be more difficult than it seems and bad habits end up coming back.

The first of these tips is the reduction of food of animal origin, which must be replaced by products of plant origin. For example, consume less red meat and substitute more white meat from two-legged animals. It also recommends increasing the consumption of fresh fish and shellfish , preferably caught in the open sea.

On the contrary, we must increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables. Regarding the fruit , it must be fresh and much better in season, and we should take at least four pieces a day. That is the number of vegetables that we must take a day, either raw or cooked, preferably steamed, a form of cooking that maintains most of the nutrients in food.


The olive oil and lemon juice are the products recommended by Professor Joyeux for any salad dressing. Another recommendation tells us about dairy, where you ask to substitute fresh cheeses and yogurts for a portion of goat or sheep cheese with each meal, since they are tastier and more satisfying.

Twice a week, as a minimum, we must take a portion of whole grain cereal and another of legumes .

And, when it comes to drinking, we should drink between two and four glasses of water a day, a cup of green tea for breakfast and a couple more throughout the day and a glass of good wine (better red than white because it is less caloric and has more calcium) in food.

After reading all these tips, an idea comes to mind: Mediterranean diet . And, without a doubt, changing eating habits will have a positive effect on our health.


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