Guide to free rewards in Bless Unleashed – Tricks to not lose any

Don’t miss out on any free rewards with our Bless Unleashed cheat guide

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Bless Unleashed proves to be quite a generous title when it comes to awarding rewards to the player. If you want to take advantage of all their gifts, take a look at this text. Guide to rewards in Bless Unleashed – Tricks to not lose any

Guide to free rewards in Bless Unleashed

Neowiz and Round 8 bring Bless Unleashed to Xbox One, waiting to release it on PC and PS4 as well. Despite being a totally free MMORPG with micro-payments, the game includes a large number of rewards without the need for you to spend real money.

Bandai namco

Bless Unleashed rewards

Coins, lumena, star seeds, pieces of equipment, power-ups, runes to improve weapons, resources … Bless Unleashed can be enjoyed completely for free. All thanks to the rewards and a market system that does not favor the paying player

Guide to free rewards in Bless Unleashed – Tricks to not lose any

1.- Link your account. Sign up with your email and receive VIP treatment: An epic mount as soon as you start playing and gifts in the in-game mailboxes.

2.- Enter daily and claim your reward. Log in every day even if you’re not playing to claim loyalty rewards.

3.- Participate in events: Throughout the adventure you will find active events along the way that will give you direct rewards. Along with these, you will get a chest with various rewards, do not forget to open them.

4.- Check the mailbox and the rewards tab: Every five levels you will receive one. In addition, as you progress in the adventure, you will meet goals and objectives regardless of the game. Enter the rewards tabs from time to time to claim them.

5.- Open the chests. In addition to the chests in the game you will find chests in your inventory. You receive them after completing events or exceeding goals. Some may open upon receiving them and others upon reaching a certain level. Do not forget to be aware to open them as soon as you can.

6.- Play the game: All the tips we gave you to level up are useful to get rewards. Remember to claim them on the mission track when you have completed a mission in the adventure.


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