Bless Unleashed Guide – Tips and Tricks to Be a Pro

Bless unleashed is uncovered as a more than interesting MMORPG after its arrival on Xbox One. While we wait for it to arrive on PC and PS4, we hit it hard on the Microsoft console to bring you all the tricks. Bless Unleashed Guide – Tips and Tricks to Be a Pro

Bless Unleashed Guide – Tips and Tricks to Be a Pro

1.- Link your account with your email. The first thing you should do is link accounts, as this will get you an epic mount and, from time to time, gifts in the in-game mailbox.

2.- Choose your class and race according to your way of playing. In our Tier list with the best of Bless Unleashed we will tell you all about this.

Bless unleashed guide

3.- Take advantage of the free rewards. Visit mailboxes, hold events, enter daily, and claim all gifts and chests in the game. You can read more about this in our guide to Bless Unleashed rewards so you don’t lose any.

Bless Unleashed Guide – Level and Professions

4.- Level up. Every five levels you will receive a reward, and each level will increase your attributes and skill points. Level up when you can by completing missions, secondary, events and using power-ups or defeating enemies. If you want to know more about this, take a look at our guide to level up quickly .

5.- Play with friends. Once you have passed the tutorial and are familiar with the game, you should consider playing with friends. It’s okay to play alone, but Bless Unleashed is best enjoyed in a group. If you still prefer to go it alone, sign up or create a guild to take advantage of its rewards and benefits.

6.- Enjoy the adventure. Bless Unleashed distances itself from the rest of the MMORPGs thanks to its approach and its way of presenting the adventure. Enjoy the experience to the fullest and let yourself be carried away by all its possibilities. craft, cook, harvest, log and live the day-to-day life of their cities and towns.

7.- Take advantage of the professions. Once you unlock the professions, choose wisely and use them to upgrade equipment, gain experience, and create weapons and other items.

8.- Sell and improve. Bless Unleashed includes a market system similar to offline RPGs. This means that you can make a lot of money trading with NPCs. Sell ​​what you don’t need, craft items that sell well, and use the money to buy better gear or power-ups to upgrade it.


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