Guampin or soup of hunger: It is a soup that is over 300 years old. It served for years to the inhabitants of the south of the department to survive the times of the ‘ skinny cows ‘.


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This dish originates from Valle del Patía is a Colombian municipality located in the department of Cauca , which is two and a half hours from Popayán . It is a livestock area, inhabited by a black community that does not conceive its food without a piece of meat . But, when there is none, they have no choice but to prepare their ‘famine soup’, which they call it precisely because they do not have a single piece of beef.

Varieties of dishes

Their names depend on the variety of their ingredients.

  • Waffled Guampin.
  • Chandiny Chandin
  • Fifirifi guampin

This traditional dish has lost in the domestic kitchen since the new generations of Patía no longer take this soup, they prefer fast foods, hot dogs and hamburgers.

But three centuries ago, the large landowners used to give milk to patianos, who were in charge of obtaining the meat on their own. They had the habit of stealing a beef that they then distributed among the entire community. When they ran out of meat they would go from farm to farm looking for another


The base is unwashed rice , milk , heavy cream, which they call butter , and smoked cheese . If you add corn, green beans , pumpkin and carrot auyama , you will have a delicious guampín. Rice and vegetables are cooked first, followed by butter, milk and, finally, smoked cheese.


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