How to grow Ficus Benjamina?

Ficus Benjamina is a plant of Malaysian and Hindu origin , which is part of the Moraceae family. In its natural habitat it manages to acquire the shape and size of a tree with pendulous branches, while grown inside it can reach up to 2.5 meters high. Per year it grows approximately 40 cm.

This beautiful plant has simple intense green leaves that are usually 8 cm long and 2.5 cm wide. They are arranged on branched stems and form a dense cup. It should be noted that inside they do not fructify nor do they bloom.

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Floor and luminosity

For the Ficus Benjamina to develop properly, you must use a fertile substrate loose in containers 30cm deep. If you want to keep the soil airy and drained, mix three parts of black soil, three parts of river hangover or leaf mulch, three parts of peat and one part of sand.

As for luminosity, this plant thrives properly in bright places. Young specimens need direct sunlight during the early hours of the morning, while adult plants can do without it. However, it is important to note that in places with low brightness, the ficus may lose its leaves

Ambient temperature and humidity

Ficus Benjamina will develop very well in conditions that range between 16 and 20 ° C , although it can tolerate a temperature of 13 ° C minimum and 24 ° C maximum. It should be added that young plants will not be able to withstand temperatures below 12 ° C, while adult plants can bear up to 10 ° C.

On the other hand, if the environment exceeds 26 ° C, the Ficus Benjamina leaves will probably wilt and fall.

Irrigation and fertilizer

As for the humidity of the environment, it is sensitive to the warm and dry atmosphere. Therefore, spraying the foliage with rainwater daily will give it vivacity as well as the weekly waterings (two in summer and seven in winter) and the wet substrate. Apply 3g of compound fertilizer dissolved in the irrigation water every month at the beginning of spring until the end of summer.

Tips for growing the Ficus Benjamina

  • The appropriate time to grow Ficus Benjaminaindoors will be at the beginning of spring.
  • To adapt to the new environment, the Ficus will require three months of special care, that is, without drafts, without extreme temperatures and without a dry atmosphere.
  • The change of pot in spring should be carried out only in young specimens that are not more than one meter tall.
  • Renew the surface layer of the substrate (2.5 – 5 cm) of the adult plant in mid-spring.
  • Pruning at the beginning of spring sprouting.
  • Use leaf brighteners.
  • Place a tutor or support to copies that exceed the meter high.
  • Do not cut the aerial roots that emit the lower nodes of the main stem because they nourish the plant.
  • Grow your ficus in a bright place and it will survive for many years.
  • Although it can grow together with other plants, Ficus Benjamina will always prefer an individual container.

Propagation by cuttings

If you want to propagate the Ficus Benjamina , you will have to cut an outbreak with three pairs of leaves in spring. Cut the stem below a leaf and remove the lower pair of leaves. Spread the ends on rooting hormones and make a hole with a rod in the substrate with sand and wet peat.

Enter the cuttings or cuttings until the leaves are at ground level. Water and cover the container with a transparent plastic bag so that the atmosphere stays moist.

In just four weeks you will be able to perceive how the roots are formed and when the seedlings have formed two pairs of new leaves, you will have to pass them to a pot containing normal substrate.

Keep in mind that Ficus Benjamina can not only be reproduced through cuttings but also through seeds.

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