grill fish recipe

grill fish recipe that can be used in any variation of fish.


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Did you know?

  • Did you know that almost all fish have half the fat content of beef? It is much healthier to prepare a fish fillet than a steak, even if it is claria. Whenever possible, use fresh fish.
  • Pre-frozen fish also works, but is more difficult to handle. When roasting directly on the grill, use firm meat fish such as sea bass, swordfish, salmon or tuna. * It is also a good idea to use a special grill to grill vegetables and fish. Tighter mesh will prevent fish from escaping through the grooves. Another idea is to use a roasting tray (two grids joined by a hinge in the middle of which the fish is placed), especially for the most delicate fish. With this tray you can turn the fillets without danger of breaking them and you can even place a few lemon slices between the fish and the tray, to give it flavor.
  • A grill plate has grooves that make your food look grilled. These irons allow you to grill food indoors when you can’t do it outdoors and in great heat, without adding fat to the fish. These plates leave a burned surface on it, giving it additional texture and flavor.


  • 32 pounds of fish
  • 1 ½ pound of fat
  • 32 lemons
  • 3 ounces of salt

Preparation method

  • After cleaning and filleting the fish is washed in salted water and dried well. Grease the fillets and put them in a hot baked tartar. Cook until golden. It is served with lemon juice.
  • Ration: 1 portion per person.


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