What Is Green Effect;Is It Natural Phenomenon?

Greenhouse Effect is a natural phenomenon that helps keep the earth warm. However, with man’s intervention in nature, this phenomenon is increasing and making our planet warmer and hotter.Imagine a car with its windows closed and under the sun. After a while, the interior of this car will get very hot, isn’t it? This is because the windows of the car let the sun heat in but do not let it out. In the greenhouse effect the same thing happens.

This name – “ greenhouse effect ” – originated from the idea of ​​a greenhouse used to grow plants. In these greenhouses, made up of glass walls and ceilings, the heat comes in and goes out, helping the plants to make better use of this heat.

When the sun’s rays reach the earth, part of them is “hit”, the other part penetrates, finds the earth’s surface and returns to the atmosphere. Among these returning sunbeams, part of them is reflected back into the Earth and part of it goes away into space.

Of course, this process is important for maintaining heat on Earth. Without the greenhouse effect, our planet would be very cold and human life would probably not exist.

But why is the greenhouse effect considered an environmental problem?

This phenomenon is considered an environmental problem because the greenhouse effect is getting much stronger and increasing temperatures on Earth. If the ozone layer continues to shrink and the greenhouse effect continues to increase, the earth will become very hot in the future.


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