Great Essay About Causes And Nature of Crime

Great Essay About Causes And Nature of Crime will be explained in this article.The high degree of decriminalization of public life disrupts the normal life of citizens, causes serious damage to the economy, inhibits changes in the social sphere.

The main criminal threats may include exacerbation of the criminal situation; an increase in the number of crimes committed against citizens and their property; increasing the public danger of crimes committed by organized criminal groups, primarily those with corruption ties with representatives of government and law enforcement agencies in order to involve them in criminal activities; the influence of criminal structures on the pricing process, especially in the field of trade in food, drugs and other essential goods.

Practice shows that such offenses as fraud, drug trafficking, corporate raid, corruption, kidnapping, crimes in the sphere of illegal trafficking and drug use, as well as on the basis of interethnic and inter-religious hostility tend to increase in the general list of crimes.

The main preconditions that exacerbate the emergence of a criminal threat are the imperfection of legislation regulating economic, property and financial relations of legal entities and individuals, low social security and material and technical security of law enforcement officers, as well as an insufficient level of professional training of law enforcement officers in the fight against organized crime .

One of the main reasons can be attributed to an excessive amount in certain regions of Russia who are not engaged in socially useful labor and have no means of subsistence for people from the near and far abroad countries, including those who are in the country illegally, as well as an increase in uncontrollable , migration, the emergence of international criminal communities.

These criminal threats can lead to the emergence of an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty in society, causing serious damage to the budget and property of individual regions and cities, as well as causing significant damage to property, life and health of citizens.

Along with this, an increase in the influence of criminal authorities in the regions and individual cities may appear, which may lead to the emergence and development of citizens’ distrust of state and municipal authorities and their policies in the fight against crime.

Based on the foregoing, the main reasons for the criminal danger include the difficult economic situation, which gives rise to a sharp decline in production, which is the basis of the economy. This leads to a drop in the standard of living of the majority of citizens, including those previously unsuccessful in this regard, a change in their value orientations and spiritual appearance. In the conditions of big cities, all of the above contributes to a sharp increase in crimes of mercenary orientation (burglaries, robberies, robberies, etc.), as well as violence.

In addition, the development of private property, personal enrichment of the “new Russians” against the background of falling living standards of the majority of the population causes, on the one hand, an increase in crimes against business representatives (theft, kidnapping for ransom, attempted murder, etc.) criminal actions of representatives of the business itself against each other (extortion, false enterprise, illegal receipt and non-return of loans, fraud, tax evasion, criminal fights among competitors and competing groups ok and so on.).

The presence of a large length of the state border of Russia in these conditions contributes to an increase in migration flows, especially taking into account the development of transport hubs, causes the emergence of criminal ethnic groups, the development of smuggling, the drug business and the arms trade. As a result, there are crimes with the use of weapons, including premeditated murder and serious crimes.

Along with the increase in crime, a fundamental change in its structure is of particular concern. Analysis of crime in modern Russia shows that the growth of serious and dangerous crimes is ahead of the growth of crime in general. Such crimes include those that affect specially protected rights, freedoms and interests of citizens, society and the state: murder, grievous bodily harm, kidnapping, rape, actions of gangster groups, extortion, robbery, robbery, encroachment on property in especially large size, drug business, etc.

Speaking about crimes against human life and health, it is necessary to emphasize that hooligan manifestations are now quite common, which, although they occupy an insignificant place in the general structure of crimes, negatively affect the safety of citizens. Moreover, the majority of hooligan manifestations, as well as crimes of another kind, are committed while intoxicated. Currently, street crime, crime committed in public places is still high.

In the structure of crime, the share of such crimes as encroachment on the property of citizens, and in the most dangerous forms, as well as with the use of weapons and other forms of violence, has increased. Despite the fact that, as a percentage of the total number of crimes, they constitute a small part and tend to be reduced, their number is still quite large, and the danger to citizens is increasing, as weapons are increasingly used. The number of thefts has also increased, and thefts from apartments. It should be noted that the theft in general and apartment in particular remain the most poorly solved crimes. Of course, this situation naturally causes serious complaints of citizens and requires decisive action. A special place in the structure of crime is occupied by crimes committed by minors. These are mainly crimes against property, public order and personality, which are usually self-serving motivation. An increase in juvenile gang crime is observed. Ultimately, the base of organized crime is expanding.

A characteristic feature of organized, professional crime is the existence of its own structures for training, ensuring security, concealing crimes. It is the participants of criminal groups that commit the most serious crimes against the life and health of citizens (including such as murder, kidnapping, extortion), as well as encroaching on property. Such formations are engaged in organizing and expanding the drug business, involving representatives of state power and law enforcement agencies into their orbit, which leads to corruption of the state apparatus and economic activity in general.

At the same time, the number of the most dangerous crimes in the economic sphere is growing. These crimes are often associated with encroachment on the life and health of people, since economic crimes often entail the physical elimination of competitors, unwanted representatives of power structures, kidnapping, extortion. They also largely create the material base of the drug business and terrorism.


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