Graviola juice: 10 properties and benefits

Gjuice is obtained from the tropical fruit of the Annona muricata, a plant originating from the Antilles whose use is not limited only to the pulp of the fruit but also to the bark and roots, thanks to the presence of annonacee acetogenins, the active ingredients present in the juice of graviola.At the moment there is a lot of misinformation and uncertainty about the properties of graviola juice and its fruit, this is due to the exorbitant number of studies and research still in progress on graviola juice.

The properties of Graviola juice and Annona muricata: from herpes simplex to cancer

Graviola juice is a powerful antiviral, antiparasitic that shows a particular efficacy against the herpex simplex virus and to fight Schistosomiasis, a parasitosis caused by Platelminti of the genus Schistosoma.

The Annona muricata is also very rich in vitamin C and also has an anti-fever capacity approved by the FDA as a support for the immune function and affirmed in one by a study as a huge contribution to the immune system (Wu FE various J Nat Prod 1995 June) .

Graviola juice: anticancer and antidepressant?

A research in particular gives new light on the properties of graviola juice, the possible ability to stimulate the serotonergic receptors (or serotonin) indispensable since they modulate neurotransmitters and influencing different neurological and biological processes such as aggressiveness, anxiety and appetite.

Graviola juice is the simplest method to make the most of the properties of the annona muricata. In particular graviola juice shares the same extracts as the murone annone, despite having a smaller quantity than the leaves. We can also combine this food supplement with other juices, to already enrich the taste.

Possible side effects of graviola juice consumption

Considered as a food supplement it is essential to respect the indicated doses and not to exceed the consumption of the product, to avoid incurring in possible side effects. It is advisable to combine graviola juice with another juice if the taste is too strong

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