Grape smoothie

Grape smoothie. Refreshing and very healthy drink . It contains fat and stands out for its antioxidant properties , something vital to have clean young skin .


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The grapes look after our arteries to the increase nitric oxide in blood and create a vasodilator effect. This virtue is more intense in purple grapes , which is why it is important to consume both its skin and its seeds . Grapes, in addition, contain multiple bioactive substances such as polyphenols or resveratrol that act as great protectors of the health of the cells against the attack of free radicals. The grapes , in particular inks or purple, contain high levels of folic acid and iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese and copper. Its sodium content is low.


  • A bunch of green or red grapes, of your choice. Depending on the color of the grapes , the color of the smoothie will come out.
  • A pint of milkof rice or other milk light vegetal, you can use milk skimmed instead.
  • Sugarto taste.
  • Icefor decoration.


  • We start by washing the grapesto remove any dirt or dirt. It is not convenient to peel them, since a good part of their nutritional properties are found on the skin.
  • Cut the grapes inhalf to remove the bones.
  • Put the grapesin a blender or mixer glass and crush.
  • Add the milkand sugar to taste.
  • Beat again, at slow speed, to obtain a smooth and homogeneous cream.
  • Incorporate the ice.
  • Decorate with some whole grapes.


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