Gotham Knights – how to unlock Clayface’s secret mission

In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock Clayface’s secret quests.

There is a hidden side quest for Clayface in Gotham Knights. It is not marked anywhere on the map and is not automatically added to the player’s business. The user needs to independently activate this mission. In this guide, we’ll show you how to access Clayface’s secret side quest in Gotham Knights.

Complete Main Objective 02: Rabbit Hole

First of all, the player needs to complete the story mission 02: Rabbit Hole (Main Case 02: The Rabbit Hole). This is the second mandatory task in the game, and it will take about two hours to get to it. As soon as the main mission 03 (Main Case 03) begins, the user can proceed to the next stage – the fulfillment of mandatory requirements. In addition, from now on, the Clayface mission will always be available and will not disappear anywhere, so it can be completed at any convenient time.

Step #1. Destruction of the Clayface impersonators

Approximate job location

After completing the second story case, go to New Gotham in the West End area. Use your scanner and look for random crimes. Please note that some of them have an orange triangular icon on the map instead of the usual white one. Follow these quests.

Find the imitator

On preventing each such crime, the player will encounter one Clayface impersonator who will attack the pedestrian. Defeat this Clay Mimic.

Simulator up close

The enemy will melt, and only a small clay puddle will remain on the ground. Examine the clay samples and collect them. Repeat these steps five times throughout the West End. Do not forget that crimes marked with red and white icons will not allow you to meet clay opponents.

All such tasks appear randomly within a radius of 200-400 meters. If there are no more suitable missions, then it is recommended to return to the headquarters, The Belfry, and then go back to the West End. Crimes must be re-generated in the area.

Step #2. Return to the hideout

Location shelters

After collecting five samples of clay, one of the partners will call the superhero. In this case, the player will see a new case in the corresponding menu called “CF01: Clayface” (CF01: Clayface).

Activate your computer

Immediately return to your hideout in The Belfry by fast travel. Interact with the computer at headquarters. After a short cutscene, Clayface’s series of quests will activate.

Step #3. Running a job

Superheroes will discuss the situation with Clayface

After the cutscene, go to the Case Files menu. Select “CF01: Clayface” (CF01: Clayface). Click on the task “1.2 – Disturbance at Dixon Docks” (1.2 – Disturbance at Dixon Docks).

Activate the task in the menu

Hold down the appropriate key (“X” on PlayStation and “A” on Xbox) to start this job.

Quest start

Once downloaded, the side quest will begin immediately. Complete all quests to complete the branch. You can find a detailed guide on side missions and the passage of the Clayface quest in our separate material .


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